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  1. pappydew

    Another hobbyist site needs your help!

    Hello fellow CPers! I know that most TF members have interests in similar hobbies, including fish keeping and aquariums. Recently, Monster energy drinks has threatened legal action against the site MonsterFishKeepers.com claiming that MFK is infringing on the company's trademarks. Not only does...
  2. Peatmoss

    Couple shots from the Pittsburgh Zoo

    YoYoYo! Finally got some edited: Flamingos, were especially pink this time: Leopard? I think... That it is Amur: Elephant, of the African variety. Making a huge mess: Howlah munkey: A primate type thingy: For the record, I was eight feet away, shooting through a pain of glass, into...
  3. Devon

    Top dressing question

    Hello, I bought some aquarium gravel from the pet store and was hoping to use it as a top dressing for Drosera such as D. aliciae, slackii, and Pinguicula too. It is top fin aquarium gravel. :p It says on the back that it may change the Ph of the water, but I don't supposed it would...
  4. Y

    help me win please

    I am trying to win a 50 dollar prize to my local aquarium shop.The shop is just counting the likes each tanks picture gets through Saturday in his contest album on facebook.So might I kindly ask(beg and plead) for a few votes for my little pico marine aquarium?...thank you.Here's the link to my...
  5. Hamata-Honzo

    New Hamata, slightly smaller pitchers.

    Hey guys i think i have a problem (it seems whenever i post on here i do LOL). I got my little Hamata (FINALLY!) a couple weeks ago and it has put out its first pitcher! Thats great! but here is the problem- the new pitcher is about two inches tall, while the ones previous are two and a half...
  6. vraev

    Non Traditional Iwagumi: My first nature aquarium

    Hi guys, I have been away for a while now from the CP hobby. Things are still slow and chugging along and the remake of my terrariums is still sometime in the future. But in the meanwhile, this is what I have been up to. Still having issues a bit with water clarity..it looks just a bit green...
  7. nepguy

    Nepenthes & cp giveaway

    Come and get 'em! It is difficult to do this, but I will be moving soon, and I don't want the headache of trying to take my plants with me. I have been growing nepenthes for almost 30 years and have many healthy and vigorous plants left in my collection, so here is an opportunity to get some...
  8. H

    starting a saltwater aquarium

    I am thinking of starting a sw aquarium in September. I was curious-there are all these threads that say "I have a 75 gallon tank. Is that enough?" and I see answers that say "No, you need a hundred gallon tank." I was curious- I was thinking of acquiring a biocube that has a capacity of only...
  9. S

    Newb From Ohio

    Hello All, My name is Scott. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am new to the hobby with the exception of a failed attempt to grow CP's when I was younger. I've since then read some books and read alot on this forum and am ready to give it another shot. My first plant will arrive today. I am...
  10. robthered

    Another cooling system

    Hey guys, Dunno if you remember, but last summer I modified an AC to fit into my tank (see my sig to a link about it). I've now decided to try something else using an office water cooler. Essentially it's the same idea as Martin Hingst, except that I used a water cooler instead of a fridge...
  11. dsrtfox1942

    dsrtfox1942's terrarium/windowsill

    Well, all the cool kids were doing it so, I might as well to. Here is my official picture thread of my terrarium, and soon windowsill as well. This started as just me taking a single picture of the heli to show how well it has progressed which I got from Swords who immediately divided his Heli...
  12. P

    Lots o' small flexible tubing for projects.

    This last weekend at a garage sale I picked up a box filled with supplies for use in dialysis by a company called Baxter. Most are a 12' extension set, the others are a so-called automated PD Set with cassette 4-prong. What does that mean? I have not a clue. However, the tubing is about the...
  13. H

    Terrarium lighting

    Hello, For some highland neps, I want to know what is adequate lighting. The terrarium has a capacity of 20 gallons, and it is 20 watt incandescent. It was formerly an aquarium. Thank You
  14. P

    reptile "rock" heater

    Hello, Recently I came across this and got it on the cheap. Some sort of heater made of resin and styled to look like a rock, I assume for a reptile habitat. I did a bit of reading and found mixed reviews/emotions about using such things, especially as the sole source of heat in a reptile...
  15. mikefallen13

    Mikefallen13's Drosera photothread

    I decided to start this thread since I have recently become obsessed with sub-tropical dews. I'll update this as often as I can especially if something particular catches my eye. Dont mind some of the sad looking dews, most are new arrivals and haven't had time to acclimate yet. The set-up (I...
  16. elgecko

    Utricularia sandersonii as aquatic?

    I need to re-pot my plant and I'm thinking I would like to try to grow this plant totally submerged in my planted fish aquarium. Has anyone tried this and how was the outcome?
  17. gravemarker

    CP and Mushroom Terrarium?

    I was wanting to grow some bioluminescent mushrooms along with some CPs in a terrarium. Is that possible and would I need a sealed lid on top of an aquarium to prevent humidity from escaping? Also do any of you know how to build metal framed Wardian Cases? I assume it would be the same...
  18. gill_za

    Petco white freshwater aquarium sand

    My local Petcos sells this so called "white aquarium sand" for freshwater aquariums. The particles of sand are larger than play sand (~2 - 3mm). I have recently purchased small amount to test. Sand does not change pH of water (checked with pH strips). There was no reaction with acid (I...
  19. swords

    I just got Jellyfish How do I setup a saltwater aquarium?

    Here's the phone call my aunt got at 5 minutes to closing (9 PM) at her second job at Petsmart yesterday. "Hello? I ordered a pair of jellyfish over the internet and they arrived sooner than I expected. So I have them here in their shipping baggie but how do I setup a saltwater aquarium to...
  20. KingCam

    A Big Photo-Filled Hello from a Newb in Missouri!

    Hey all. My name is Cameron, you can call me Cam if you want. Or King XD I spend a lot of time looking after my animals. I keep reptiles, amphibians, and other vertebrates and invertebrates. I prefer to grow live plants in my tanks. I was looking for something good to plant in my very...