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My son is getting knee deep into CPs and since I love growing things I'm totally stoked for him. I collect Paphiopedilum Parvisepalum orchids and am happy to part with some of my collection to add to his.

I have a Paph. Magic Lantern (delenatii 'Candor Rose' x micranthum 'Candor'). This is currently growing in a 2 1/2" pot with a 6 1/2" leaf span. I will ship it in the pot. When it blooms it will have a really nice pink flower.

We are looking for anything really; Drosera, Pings, VFTs, Nepenthes, Utricularia, Cephalotus, Serracenia, whatever. Seeds, cuttings, gemmea, full grown, whatever. :)

Thank you for looking and have a great day.

Here is a pic of the Magic Lantern.


Here is a picture of what the bloom will look like. This is a Magic Lantern I bloomed this summer but from a different cultivar.

A picture of some of my Paph collection so if there is a Parvi you are looking for let me know and I would be happy to trade for CPs. I love that my son is growing. :)
Holy Paph collection........
I too am very impressed with your paph collection. Glad to see another chid fancier here, even if you are a paph-head :lol: Just kidding, I have only three paphs but nine phrags and tons of phals (mostly species and primarys). It is to late for me to offer any sarrcenia divsions as they are all dormant. However, I will be doing some divsions in mid march and would be happy to work out a trade then if you have any species.
I'm more interested in species, too, but I do have a lot of D. roseanna gemmae to trade.
Let me know what species you are looking for and we can probably work something out. He is mostly interested in Nepenthes but open to most anything. I currently have the below plants and seedlings available to trade. I also have different crosses and cultivars of most as well.

P. emersonii
P. armeniacum
P. delenatii
P. delenatii var. alba
P. micranthum
P. micranthum var. eberneum
P. hangianum (legal variety from Dr. Holger Perner)
P. malipoense

We are currently good on the roseanna as we just planted gemmae a week ago. They are growing so fast. :)
If you can wait till spring to trade I'd be interested in either P. armeniacum
or P. hangianum (legal variety from Dr. Holger Perner)
Once my Nepenthes glabrata starts making decent offshoot growth I could probably trade the vine cutting I took from it. I'm very interested in P. micranthum var. eberneum.
Spring is fine with us. We aren't going anywhere. :)

Everyone loves var. eberneum. They are amazing flowers. Let me know and I would be happy to trade.
Love Paphiopedilum and will trade with Nepenthes in Spring.