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WTT Darlingtonia for Sarracenia

WTT Darlingtonia for Sarracenia ALL GONE

All plants have found new homes.
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Very nice collection. I don't have anything on your wish list, just commenting on some nice Darlingtonia :-D
would love any of your cobras but i don't have any sarrs you want, to bad i live so close
Would you trade for a S. alata ornata?
I'll have to pass, I already have lots of alata seedlings and even more seed stratifying.
I can provide a it-sould-have-bloomed-but-didn't S. leuc. hurricane creek white, and a smallish division of S. oreophila sand mountain. I'll trade for a montane Darlingtonia, if you'd like.
I can't accept the oreo across state lines (it would be a felony due to ESA listing), but I'll trade for the leuco. PM me your shipping info and let me know which of the two Darlingtonia you prefer.
dumb law i have gotten great sarrs from stink in the past that are doing great
Not such a dumb law, really. The plant is nearly nonexistant in the wild. Poachers will no doubt ignore the law and continue to break it, but at the hobbyist level it does help to control the distribution of the plant and limit some illegal collection. While it doesn't work for all, it does have an impact. Anything will help this nearly extinct plant.
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the best thing for the plant is lots of people growing it so the cost of it goes down and there is no profit it taking from the wild, someone should tc the heck out of it
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You'd think so. For a long time there were literally millions of flytraps being TCed, but I still find holes throughout the Green Swamp where poachers pull them up. There were two well-publicized incidents last year where individuals were caught with garbage bags full of VFTs.
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I have received a few offers, but no follow-up. All four plants are still available.
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greedy s o b s wish i had something to trade i could be there in 1 hour
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The two smaller plants have found homes, the larger two are still available.