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I want to expand my CP collection but don't have any CPs to trade with. I do however have an excess of some aquatic plants that I can trade off, some grown emersed some submersed, I will try to specify which. I'm making the list mostly from memory without going down to check the bins at all so bear with the notes lol. Lazy and late right now. I will update tomorrow night if I need to remove or add anything or adjust notes. It should be fairly accurate though.

-Ammania pedicelatta - sold as gold nessea but I believe this is what it is, I have a good amount
-Persicaria 'Sao Paulo' - have a good amount
-persicaria kawagoeanum - as long as I can distinguish it from the Sao Paulo. They look remarkably similar when grown emersed but I do have at least a few stems potted separately and labeled.
-Alternanthera reineckii
-Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides - growing emersed for about a month now but it hasn't really fully transitioned from submersed
-crypt lucens - About 5 or so I can send off
-crypt undulata- I have 2 to trade

Submersed: all of these come with a snail, duckweed, algae warning. Algae would be either bba or green hair, it's tough to control in the shrimp tanks but I'll do my best to trade off clean plants. Algae can be treated as well. Snails would be mostly Malaysian trumpet or ramshorns with a smaller possibility of bladder snails.

-Blyxa japonica - some are starting to grow large so I'll likely trim them and trade off a mix of rooted parts and tops depending on whether they come from the dirted substrate tanks or not.
-Hemianthus callitrichoides - let's say around 1.5" x 1.5"
-myriophyllum mattogrossense, this stuff grows like crazy for me in my co2 tank. I just did a huge trimming but it will probably only take a week or so to grow in enough to trim again so I'm listing it.
-Java fern - most likely smaller plants, about 3 or 4
-Bacopa monnieri - I have some emersed as well but I have at least 3 or 4 submersed stems
-Rotala wallichii - not a lot but I should be able to get some decent trimmings, lets say 7 or 8 stems
-fissidens fontanus - maybe a golfball or two
-crypt spiralis - 3 or 4
-crypt wendtii 'bronze' - I should have around 5 offshoots from the mother plant
-micro sword - only about 95% on ID but I can supply a pic, three 1" bunches

CPs I'm interested in:
Pretty much anything, I'm just a little limited with growing conditions right now. It's basically a windowsill or squeezing it into one of my small 10g terrariums. I will possibly be setting up a third terrarium though. Dormant plants like sarracenia are fine as well because they will go outside in the spring when the weather warms up.

Specifically interested in and more or less in this order:
Any nepenthes I can grow on a windowsill or squeeze into a 10g terrarium. The ones with toothy peristomes draw my attention a bit more but I'd consider anything.

Most sarracenia, but especially S. Psittacina

Most Mexican pings, I already have p moctezumae, p. moranensis x ehlersiae, p. esseriana, and yucca do 1713 though.

Drosera that need no dormancy.
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List is now up to date, quantities included with most items.