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Wild CPs in Michigan


For the love of Science!
Took me a few tries to track down local bogs. Found many swamps the first few times. Eventually, I found a bog bordering a small lake (more like a pond, in my opinion) and went for a short walk:


It was really too easy - the boardwalk goes straight up to the bog, and Sarracenias were visible from the boardwalk.


Saw some other pretty flowers - I wish now I'd paid more attention to them, but I was wayyyyy too focused on other things. This one looks like some kind of Lobelia to me (gotta look it up to be sure.)

The Sphag was beautiful:


And I was very excited to see these guys:


S. purpurea purpurea - this was one of the redder individuals.


A less-red individual.


Drosera rotundifolia (reasonably positive I got a good ID on it, but if you think that is NOT it, please let me know!)
Darn, no utrics? Just kidding. It is interesting how one form of the sphagnum is thinner while the other one is more robust. Different species maybe?
Good ID, that is definitely rotundifolia. Beautiful pictures, looks like an awesome trip!
If I ever have a few hours of free time, I'm definitely driving over! ;)
I am not very familiar with Utrics - they may have been present, and overlooked.
Congrats, you finally found them ! That flower looks like Lobelia puberula. If Utricularia are not in bloom, they can be very easily overlooked.
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Nice find, it looks like the search paid off well. You are correct in that being a type of Lobelia, it appears to be Lobelia kalmii.