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Why do YOU love CPs?

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I've been wondering why they seem to be so addicting in comparison to other plants, and I started to wonder what others thought..Why do you guys love CPs?
Do they have some symbolism or do they bring memories? Or are you just fascinated?
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I honestly don't know why I like them so much. I saw someone else keeping them on a different hobbyist forum and I became instantly fascinated...I wanted to collect them all! Something about their unique morphology and ecological adaptations is just super cool.
Something about the carnivory I supose for me, easier to take care of than a dog, cat, reptile, etc. Plus the fact they are better than prozac at soothing the soul, and safer, LOL.
The reason I'm so fascinated with them is that they exemplify evolution and adaptation. Primitive survivors from a time when the world was young, a world ruled by monstrous megafauna, terrible insects and ferocious plants. They are relics from a bygone age when every living organism had to fight viciously to ensure it's species survival on a hostile and savage planet. For me, growing these plants is like looking through a small window into a distant past we've only read about in books.
For me personally it is a bit of everything that has been said above coupled with the beauty. Mostly in Nepenthes, but each pitcher holds as much fascination to me as a rose. They have such color and they last for sooo long! Even things like drosera glisten with dew 24/7 like you only rarely see in the early morning on the grasses.
Carnivorous plants are like the epitome of strange things on this planet, figures that would seem as only out of someone's demented imagination. The novelty and oddity, along with the impossibly vast variety of colors and forms, are what hold my interest.
i love plants that draw my attention without having to be in flower. to me, nepenthes pitchers are as beautiful and interesting as any flower. and they are continuously produced and always slightly different from one another. the carnivorous feature is cool but im in it for the ever-present visual appeal. :)
I bought a kit at hobby lobby once, just out of curiosity, but it was the comunity that really pulled me in and built my love of CPs
The colors. I've never seen plants with such stripey, colorful, thick and waxy leaves. They look like some strange animal/plant hybrid created by Dr. Moreau.
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I'm a weird person, and CPs are weird plants. It was meant to be.
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:p..and they're so tasty too.
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For me it's part novelty and part ecology. They are just so uniquely adapted to their environments; it's amazing. I also tend to be more partial to the North American species because no one ever thinks that odd, unique adaptations arise in their own backyard. I love that we have things like this here in Virginia and North Carolina.
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I failed so many times and wanted to conquer the failure. The sundews, glistening, are mesemerizing. Also, "I'm a weird person, and CPs are weird plants. It was meant to be."
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I'm a weird person, and CPs are weird plants. It was meant to be.

That's definitely how it is with me. The infinite weirdness of nature must be harnessed by me! (And by some of my friends, too, now.)