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What type of insects pollinate sarracenia flowers?

My Sarracenia Alata flower has been open for several days, but I haven't seen a single insect come near it. Does anybody know what type of insects pollinate them or what time of day I should be looking for them? I'm hoping to get a picture.

Today's weather is partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-70's so it seems like optimal spring weather.
I've seen bumble bees, mason bees and other small native bees at my flowers. Haven't noticed any other potential pollinators.
There are definitely plenty of those type of bees around, perhaps I just need more flowers to attract them? My rubra is in the process of opening and my leucophyla isn't far behind, though they are both much smaller flowers compared to the alata.
I get a lot of paper wasps checking out and buzzing around my sarr flowers. They just tend to love the plants in general. Also yellow jackets.
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I think all the native bees may be preoccupied with rhododendrons currently. They certainly love that shrub.
bumble bees by a big margin with mine...
I have to say I'm amazed that bumblebees can fit inside sarracenia flowers. Does anybody have a picture?
This paper looked at the insects entering the flowers on a population of Sarracenia purpurea

Limits to reproductive success of Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae)
Authors: Gidi Ne'eman, Rina Ne'eman and Aaron M. Ellison

This 1908 article mentions a few possible pollinators also
Pollination in Sarracenia
From Pitcher plants III, Entomological News, Apr . 1908

Bumble bees, smaller bees like sweat and mason bees, and sarcophagid flies (horse or deer flies) are the most likely suspects. Observed entering flowers and when captured covered with pollen.

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I guess they don't fit, but they sure try. Thanks for all the information!
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I guess they don't fit, but they sure try. Thanks for all the information!

From the paper linked above:
Limits to reproductive success of Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae)
The bumblebee Bombus affinis Cresson demonstrated a high degree of floral fidelity and visited a number of S. purpurea flowers during a single observation bout (0.5 ± 0.25, range = 0–6 visits, flower−1 · h−1). This bumblebee would enter a flower and leave a few seconds later carrying virtually all the available pollen.
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Ah I was just watching the video. The bumblebee there kept poking its head in but couldn't figure out how to get inside. I see from Cthulhu138's pictures that if they can figure out how to get underneath the flower petal they can get in.
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And that's how the flower is designed to work, mostly. They squeeze between petals and thereby brush right over the stigma, depositing pollen, and to leave they exit under a petal, between the stigmas, to avoid self-pollination.