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What are these things! They are not even sticky!!

So, someone pointed out to me the other day, that I actually have quite a significant collection of Nepenthes. Despite my affinity for Drosera, and other sticky predators..

This prompted me to go over and take a look at my Growshelf, and I was shocked... I have a lot of Nepenthes! :0o:

I decided to take some pictures for posterity. I do grow things other than Drosera!

N. 'Lady Pauline'

N. bokorensis from Cambodia. Making some interesting pitchers. This shape is normal for the species.

N. rafflesiana SG:

N. singalana x clipeata, older pitcher:

Newest pitcher:

N. veitchii "green" seedling...

Thanks for looking...
for what it is worth i reset my computer and now they are showing.... ??? lol

plants look great peat. what a cute lil seedling you have!!!
Do you mean prosperity? Because posterity means rear ends. The singalana x clipeata should be an interesting one.
Wire no it doesn't you're thinking of posterior :lol:
Posterity = posterior, but for everyone.
Wire, it means "For all future generations"

And thanks... I think sing x clip is gonna be cool. Has good coloration so far, and the pitcher shape is closer to clip.
WOW ! Nice neps. I confirm, theses are not droseras ;)
love the veitchii seedling. They're so cute at that stage..