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Wedding Anniversary Guess the Year Giveaway


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Today is my Wedding Anniversary. The first person who correctly guesses how many years I have been married will receive a Red Leopard basal sent postage free to them or someone of their choosing.

Sorry..USA only
ah, let me do the math..got married in 19__, or was that 20__? Dang can't remember. 30 is a good guess, I really, really good guess. But nah, nope, zip, zilch..oh did I say it is wrong?
How many guesses do we get?
I guess 16 years.

Edit: realized Nikki posted 15 in a matter of seconds before I did, so I change to 16 years.
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50th :-))

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Okay I will narrow it down..the guesses of 40 and 50 are too long, the ones in the teens are too short. The two digits when added together form an even number that is greater than 4.
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was gonna guess 33 as well given how close someone was with the guess of 30, but was gonna wait for his response