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Warhammer robotic autosurgeons in real life

I love the futuristic stuff in Warhammer 40K novels and robotic surgeons and strange arachnid surgical devices are often mentioned. Here is an actual robotic surgeon the DaVinci Surgical System and has four arachnoid arms:

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Wow....thats pretty incredible o.o

I.S. is one of our biggest customers, and we manufacture a bunch of the components for them. These guys are here in CA, in Sunnyvale. We make many, many trips there to work on projects with the engineers. There was a day that I had to go over and help them engineers figure stuff out, and I got to <s>play on</s> use one of the robots. There is a microphone and speaker where the doctor rests his/her head at the control end, and a mic & speaker on the display screen by the patient's side. Sounds really weird when both halves are in the same room!

They (the engineers) even gave me a test version of one of the instruments that goes into the patient (un-used, of course).

Really fun and cool machine.
Wow that would be fun - to try one of these out!

Not only could you do more sterile and fine surgeries but you could also put one of these in a TC cloning lab with the controls outside, you would "never" have to go into a TC lab and risk infecting the flasks until the sowing, divisions or reflasking was done and everything resealed.

Just for giggles do you know what price one of these runs for?
"If you gotta ask, you can't afford it."

I used to know. I'll ask tomorrow, if I remember.
Oh, I won't be genetically engineering any Space Marines or Arco-Flagellants anytime soon, just for curiosities sake! LOL
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You could probably homebrew a bot sophisticated enough to do TC in a sealed environment. Check out instructables.com - they have lots of good robotics tutorials.
So I'd have to save my candy machine money for a while...
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My brother had robotic surgery done on his prostate (sorry guys)