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  1. fredg

    Hunter as prey

    This spiderling ( Araneus diadematus ) was in the unfortunate position of having two legs trapped by the Bohemian Garnet. I released the unfortunate Arachnid and lectured the plant on trapping the whole of its prey or at least a significant portion.
  2. P

    Hello from Illinois

    Hello all! New to CPs as a whole, though I've tried keeping the cheap ones you can find at Home Depot and other stores like that without a ton of success. I just got a couple started from the DuneCraft eggs, so fingers crossed those work a little better! Just on the face of things, I'm most...
  3. DragonsEye

    Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds

    Alrighty ladles and gerbils, here is yet another giveaway. I have 5 packets of seeds so 5 winners possible. This is for US members only, and you must be willing to post something of your own as a giveaway in return or have already done so in the past 3 months. Each winner of this contest will...
  4. E

    Jumping spider with dinner

    Last weekend I was enjoying the beautiful weather by preparing a nice BBQ dinner for the family. We had just sat down at the table (out on the deck) when my youngest son pointed out a “spider carrying another spider” (as he put it) on one of the deck posts. It turned out to be a juvenile...
  5. E

    Macro photo of a harvestman

    Hi all, I posted this photo of a harvestman on my blog last night—an arachnid that isn’t a spider for a change! Mind you, I did get some more really nice pics of spiders recently...they will go up soon. Cheers, EC www.macrocritters.wordpress.com harvestman F22 copyright Ernie Cooper...
  6. swords

    Warhammer robotic autosurgeons in real life

    I love the futuristic stuff in Warhammer 40K novels and robotic surgeons and strange arachnid surgical devices are often mentioned. Here is an actual robotic surgeon the DaVinci Surgical System and has four arachnoid arms: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  7. M

    Hello!!!!!!!!! My name is miguel@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there people!!!!! My name is Miguel and I am here to learn it all!!!!. I am a complete beginner to carnivorous plants but I am there for the long haul on learning this trade, in my opinion (which is actually not an opinion but an absolute truth lol) this is 1 of the most exiting and EXOTIC...
  8. L

    Tell me about cinnamon oil

    Cinnamon oil sounds interesting. A little bird told me it works however I haven't quite grasped when one would use it. Does one use it for both insect and arachnid infestations? Is cinnamon oil diluted before used and if so with what? Exactly how does one apply it? Does it dammage new growth and...
  9. W


    I've wanted to buy a scorpion since I was about 10 years old. First of all, I'm going to college next year, so I probably won't be able to bring a scorpion, even if it's in a closed container. Does anyone have any experience with this noble arachnid? They look like so much fun to own, even if...
  10. Clint


    heres an aim conversation i had with dustin: cparsonsss: my n. campanulata looks like crap cparsonsss: 1 leaf tunred yellow, then black, then fell off cparsonsss: now another is turning yellow cparsonsss: these are the oldest leaves Ephippiata: whats the temps and soil moisture? cparsonsss...