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I have a few Venus fly traps that have just split or about to split off and ones that have split and been growing for some time that i have available to trade, sizes vary according to what type of vft they're coming from and how long they been growing as their own rooted plant in the pot.


Akai ryu - sizes: Large/Medium to small/Xsmall
Cupped trap- sizes: small to Xsmall (some with more about to split off the rhizomes soon)
Dente- Sizes: Large/Medium
Typical- sizes: small/Xsmall

I have available SOON in the next coming weeks or so:

Fondue- size: Xsmall
Coquilage- size: Small
Long red fingers- size: Small/Medium maybe Large
Red pirranah- size: Xsmall
all Green 'goddess'- size: Medium/Large and maybe small
Tritcherfall- size: Medium/small
Dark maroon trap-size: Medium/Small

Maybe available soon:

King Henry- size: Small and maybe medium

I'm looking for a trade of VFT cultivars that i don't have on my grow/trade list.

Pings i don't have on my list or any of these:
P. Agnata (red leaf)
P. Florian
p. Seductora
P. Pirouette
P. 'Aphrodite'
P. gypsicola
P. cyclosecta

Id also be interested in any rooted cutting or seedlings/small plants of:
N. Vent (squat)
N. Glabrata
N. Singalana x ramispina
N. Albomarginata (LL red)
N. Ampularia (any color or speckled..etc)
N. Chaniana
N. Inermis
(But i kno those are prob a Long shot for a trade)

Would be also interested in dews anything not to common or weedy and any bladderwort with yellow flowers like U. Cornutata. just pm me with inquires about other VFTs i have in my grow list to check for offsets or if any things about to split or if you'd like me to hold something when it does split to future trade.