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I've been growing some of these Utrics for approximately 1.5 years (yup - a noob) and have already gone through multiple trials & tribulations. Following some discussions with a grower on another forum (& a few on Terra), we thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion thread on the Orchidioides - a place where we can share what works for each of us, what hasn't panned out, ideas to try, pics of our plants (setups, flowers and foliage), threads &/or websites & whatever else might turn up....so pretty much anything goes ... With some luck, we might even get some of the experienced growers to chime in ... It would also be interesting to know what species people are growing now (& have grown in the past).

Fernando Rivadavia's searches for U. geminiloba
Auyan Tepui
Cerro Neblina
Fernando & U. nelumbifolia
U. humboldtii
Fernando & U. nephrophylla (aka: U. reniformis)
Fernando & U. reniformis
More Fernando & U. reniformis
CP Tour of South America
Sebastian Vieira on a trip to find U. jamesoniana
Martin Hingst finding U. campbelliana on Auyan Tepui
Herr Fleischmann on Amuri Tepui w/ U. humboldtii (Insane pics!)
Patrice Charpentier finding U. alpina on the slopes of Martinique & Guadeloupe
Carlos Rohrbacher in Serra do Quirirí, in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil - U. reniformis & others

Pyro's tutorial
---Some updates to tutorial
Belanger on U. asplundii & U. endresii (CPN)
Wyman on U. jamesoniana (CPN)
Schnell on U. humboldtii (CPN)
Observations on two forms of U. reniformis (CPN)
Belanger on U. nephrophylla (CPN)
Yax on U. reniformis (CPN)
U. humboldtii (Philcula & others)
Tobias Kulig setup for growing U. campbelliana
U. geminiloba flower
U. campbelliana flower & setup pics by Matthias (CPUK)
Highland setup pics with U. campbelliana growing on 2 media's by Marc S (CPUK)
Barry Rice's faq -- Orchidioides & Epiphytic & emergent
2008 Travis Wyman CPN article on growing Orchidioides
Thread with info on growing U. mannii (& others)
CPUK thread with growing info

Here's the current list of section Orchidioides:

U. alpina
U. asplundii
U. buntingiana (not in cultivation)
U. campbelliana
U. cornigera (split from U. reniformis)
U. endresii
U. geminiloba (was Iperua)
U. humboldtii (was Iperua)
U. jamesoniana
U. nelumbifolia (was Iperua)
U. nephrophylla (was Iperua)
U. praetermissa
U. quelchii
U. reniformis (was Iperua)
U. unifolia (extremely rare in cultivation)
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Nice compilation Ron, I'm hoping you had these bookmarked rather than having to search for each one of these...for your sake.

Sticky would be of use...
edit: oops never mind, you already have it listed :)

I follow the recommendations pyro made to me in the link you have listed as "Some updates to tutorial"
with one addition.... I have found that most love to be fertilized
edit: oops never mind, you already have it listed :)

I follow the recommendations pyro made to me in the link you have listed as "Some updates to tutorial"
with one addition.... I have found that most love to be fertilized
Aloha Butch,

which ones have you tested and what fertilizer?

All those listed I have listed in the thread Ron has indexed as "Some updates to tutorial"... the only one that seems to act weird is U. endresii x U. alpina It seems to result in weird leaf growth with this hybrid.

But Im not really sure.... it still looks sorta gnarly long after I stopped using it

I use Maxsea (and monthyl trichoderma atrovirde)

FWIW my souce of the 4x4x4 net baskets is http://www.petblvd.com/cgi-bin/pb/ESU77051.html?mv_pc=froogle

Caveat, I am a total noob....
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Nice compilation Ron, I'm hoping you had these bookmarked rather than having to search for each one of these...for your sake.
A little of both. There are at least a few more over on CPUK - some I have saved & others I'll need to search for - but I needed a rest ...

I also debated whether the former Iperua section plants should be a separate thread but ultimately figured one thread isn't necessarily bad ...
SocietyStudies on the Flora of Northern South America-XIII. The Tate Collection from MountRoraima and VicinityAuthor(s): H. A. GleasonSource: Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Vol. 56, No. 8 (Nov., 1929), pp. 391-408

......Orchyllium Campbellianum (Oliver) Gleason, new comb. (Utricularia Cam pbelliana Oliver) Rondon Camp, Mount Roraima, alt. 6900 feet: no. 514a. Although not named and described until 1886, the description was based upon plants collected on the upper slopes of Mount Roraima by Schomburgk many years earlier. The collections by Im Thurn in 1884, by McConnell and Quelch in 1894, and by Tate in 1927 were all from the upper slopes. This and 0. Quelchii appear clearly distinct, but they are very closely related; both have crimson corollas, a rare character in the genus Orchyllium.J. H. B. Orchyllium Quelchii Gleason, new comb. ( Utricularia Quelchii N. E. Brown) Summit of Mount Roraima: no. 375.

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Location maps

I was immediately suspicious of the U. humboldtii map with that dot in the USA. A few clicks revealed that Henning von Schmeling's plant in the Chattahoochee Nature Center greenhouse gets credit for being a location. Beyond that being obviously bogus, I thought Henning gave up all of his CPs .... ???
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This is a great thread. Thanks for making it!

I just went through CP photofinder last night and looked at every species of Utricularia that was listed.

A little bit off topic but I found a few species that were extremely intriguing to say the least.

I understand that all the species mentioned above are in the Orchidioides group, but what group do these plants belong to?

U. dunlopii


U. capilliflora

Again, sorry for being off topic.
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@av8tor: nope, i'd think we'd have to drag her over here. i could see her being more involved with the CP forum on the other side of the pond. she'd be an amazing help though--she was the one partially responsible for helping me sort out through my U. tricolor drama.
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ummmm amp, maybe she just needs an invitation :)

I know she is a moderator of at least one German based forum
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This thread needs more pics, so I'll help out. I've been growing Utric's for 4-5 years, I started out with Utric. graminifolia and then expanded to the terrestrials. Once I found the Orchidioides I quickly had a favorite and started to reduce the terrestrials in favor of the Orchidioides.

Here is the first Orchidioides I received, it was a single leaf about 1/2" tall. So I planted it like my limited experience told me to, in a peat/sand mix with just about 1" of medium. I've been adding various other mixes over the last year to get the medium to the top of the pot. The last 3/4" is ADA aquasoil. The others of this species I have are being grown in more traditional methods. So I thought I'd share the results of this. It is growing but not as well as the others in more open mediums.

Utricularia humboldtii

Over the past year or so I've started to grow alot of Utric's in a Nep type mix, large peat chunks/lava rock/hydroton/perlite/tree fern/orchid bark/charcoal/sphagnum, I've had better results than anything else I've tried. My conditions are all indoors in vivariums and I have high humidity, the low end is 65% up to 99%. So the more open mediums seem to work great. I'm also using Aircone pots.

Here is a U. reniformis "f. courte" growing WAY too fast in the medium listed above.

Next is a U. endresii in the mix above, I have started 2 other pots of this stuff with just a leaf cutting, like you can do with U. longifolia. A few of the leaves (due to my carelessness) have fallen off and they started rooting in the bottom of the vivarium on the hydroton.

And last we have a U. geminiloba flower just starting to open up. This thing is taking forever! Its been 3 days and it haven't opened any more. The last 2 days the color has went from white over to purple. The photo does not do the color justice. I can't provide any insight into getting it to flower, I received the plant and the next week it spiked.
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@RSS: i'll be taking pics of mine when i get home....are you sure that U. endresii aint plagued by U. longifolia? :awesome: I KID I KID!!!
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Some various progress shots...

U. quelchii

(you can see the sudden growth burst resulting from fertilizing in the shape of the one leaf, very obvious)I never have had the elongated immature leaves so many others have seen ???, but Nicole speaks of at least 3 variants.... so who knows)


U. nelumbifolia


(poor pic, disregard the U. reniformis leaves from the adjacent pot..)

U. humboldtii - clone 1


U. endresii x U. alpina


This plant has not reacted well to the same feeding schedule. But to be honest it is also getting the least amount of light compared to the others (significant difference) So its ability to utilize the extra nutrients cannot be the same. Mea Culpa
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Excellent Utricularia guys! I'm starting to realize what the Orchidioides fever is all about!
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here's mine, with an emphasis on U. quelchii, since it's all the rage these days. :lol:

U. nephrophylla:

U. endresii:

U. humboldtii:

U. nelumbifolia:

and U. quelchii:

and proof that im not killing it :lol:
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@amphirion - No, no, no...your giving your U. nephrophylla too much light :-)). Reduce the light and you can get nice tall plants like these. My average stem is 1-1 1/2".

They still flower just fine and are much Taller!!!
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/39807474@N07/5225099816/" title="Utricularia nephrophylla by randallsimpson, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5243/5225099816_53394ac49f.jpg" width="500" height="334" alt="Utricularia nephrophylla" /></a>