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Unknow dionaea seeds growing challenge.

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Thanks guys :)
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Well, I'm impressed.....
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Very nice! They're definitely bordering flowering size. Another couple months and I'd say the largest ones would definitely flower in the spring.
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Whoa! They grew up fast!
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Yes pretty fast ! The genetic was amazing
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:-Dif this does not deserve a "thanks" what does,great thread maiden
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Hehe thx corky :)
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Very nice growth! I have read this whole thread and saw "what" and "how often" you feed these guys, but I'm curious as to how much you feed. Any chance you'd be willing to show a feeding pic? Also, how many traps do you feed each week on a plant that is getting some size on it? I mean if the plant has 10 traps are you feeding 2, 5, or all of them? Sorry for all the questions, but apparently you are on to something, because thus far the growth you have acheived is unrivaled from what I've seen outside of tissue culture. Congrats!
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Hello rellenburg

No feeding picture for now.

In fact, i feed the plant when i feel its the good moment. But i try to skip a week after a big meal. For me a big meal is 3 traps.

Also, if you have 10 traps, then you have a colony :)
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Have you tried pond water from below with seedlings? No joke-it works
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Sorry !! I just noticed your reply LoL
My english is not perfect, and my translator freeze all the time these days, what is pond water from below ?
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I think he means to give them pond water using the tray method. You water them from below and the soil absorbs what it needs.
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Oh ok. Thanks ! in french its: 'par capilarité'
In fact, i water the lil guys from the top and pond water also, all depend on where the plants are inside the terrariums. If the pot are far in the back, i have to top water.

Once the plants have strong roots system, i dont think the watering method is very important. What is more important is to avoid water logued soil all the time. I keep my plants on the dryside because i grow them in 90%RH.

From my experience, i think dionaea need less water than sarracenias or heliamphoras for example.

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Thanks david

I will lock this thread, the circle is complete :)
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