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U. Longifolia care tips?

Does anybody have care tips for U. Longifolia? I'm planning on getting one because they are complete eye-catchers! Also, does anyone know where you can buy a U. Alpina?
(I'm a newcomer to utricularia, even though there is this one small utricularia that covers the top part of my pot with a sarracenia leucophylla. It always blooms tiny white flowers that are sorta hard to view with the naked eye... If you think or have an idea of what it is, please post, I'm curious) Thank you! XD
LFS (long fibered sphagnum) media does it well, but can grow in peat/sand also. can be grown using the tray method. it's practically a weed and has a habit of creeping into neighboring pots.

to induce flowering, lower the photoperiod and temps and let it slightly dry out between waterings (not too much).