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tying to clear up the dormancy thing

Hey everyone I'm pretty new to carnivorous plants. And I have been searching too clear up overwintering flytraps and saracenia. My main question is whats the lighting requirments.? I live in zone 6 all my other dormant plant's go in the garage that is pretty much dark at all times. Would this be detremental to either the flytrap or sarrecania. Thanks in advance I appreciate the help.
I keep my plants in the basement during winter, so dark conditions aren't necessarily detrimental to the plants. You absolutely HAVE to watch out for fungus though, as botrytis and rot can get these guys really fast if they're not treated.
On that note, it is known the plants usually send up noncarnivorous or smaller typical leaves during winter to photosynthesize during the brighter, warmer days, so having some light on them probably isn't a bad idea.
I agree fully with hcarl. All of my pitchers are in the fridge right now fast asleep and have been since November. I did notice a bit of Botrytis, or the like, a couple of weeks ago which I treated with propiconazole. I will wake them a few weeks early to extend my growing season and make sure they aren't in a coma lol. I didn't have room in the fridge for a S. purpurea venosa, or more than a month or two of cold storage at my old house (just moved), and now it is sending up flower stalks.

My fly traps were all bought this winter fully awake and blooming. They have no idea what season it is, so they will go in the fridge about the time fly traps should be waking up. Over the course of a season or two I should be able to get them into a natural rotation of dormancy. Hope this helps some.
I've done dormancy in a variety of ways - fridge, closed 80 qt cooler, garage, attic... It doesn't matter. One thing I did like about the attic is that the upper apartment provided enough warmth to keep the unheated attic from being 0 F, while the outside was bitter cold. By being at a window sill, the plants responded to the natural change to the lengthening photoperiod. By late February, the plants began to wake up, without any help from me.
Ok sounds good I appreciate all the help