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Hi! Im Quinton, and I'm addicted to CPs....
I have a medium sized division of S. Excellens with Purple Hood and a medium-large sized division of S. Oreophila x Willisii that I would like to trade. I am looking for colorful, interesting sarracenia (species or hybrids) that I do not have. I am willing to trade for seedlings if they are very interesting crosses.

S. Excellens with Purple Hood

S. Oreophila x Willisii

Below is my current sarracenia collection (I might have missed a few).

S. Yellow Cat x Yellow Cat
S. Flava Big Boy
S. Oreophila x Royal Ruby
S. Flava Rubricorpora
S. White Sparkler
S. (Rubra x Oreo) x (Oreo x Flava)
S. Flava x Alata Red Black
S. Leucophylla x Stevensii
S. (Leucophylla x Flava) x Leucophylla
S. Excellens with Purple Hood
S. Flava Rugelli Georgia Giant
S. Night Sky
S. Lady Bug
S. Alata Maroon Throat
S. (Rubra x Oreophila) x purpurea burkeii
S. Flava var. Cuprea Lois x Best Clone
S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White Clone E
S. Leuco x Purp x Peril
S. St Mountain x Flava 85 x Coutrii
S. Oreophila x Willisii
S. Flava Atropurpurea
S. Alata Red/Black
S. Oreophila Veined
S. var. Maxima
S. Minor Okee Giant Clone 1 Wang
S. Flava Coppertop x Flava Rubricorpora
S. Red Sumatra
S. Catesbaei x Alata Black Throat
S. Alata x Rubra Wherryi
S. Judith Hindle
S. Minor
S. Flava
S. Leucophylla Titan
S. Leucophylla Tarnok
S. Leucophylla
S. Evendine
S. Purpurea ssp. Purpurea
S. Psittacina
S. Daina's Delight
S. Scarlet Belle
S. Leah Wilkerson

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Hi Quinton;
I have a couple not on your list: S. "doodlebug"; S. "redbug"; S. psittacina, i can divide.

No Thanks. Sorry! I'm not really a big fan of those types.
S. Excellens with Purple Hood is spoken for.