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Formerly known as Pineapple
For trade I am offering 10 A. konjac bulbs and 1 A. paeoniifolius bulb. A. paeoniifolius is my favorite because it closely resembles a rafflesia.

A. paeoniifolius flower (not from this bulb)...


A. konjac flower (not from these bulbs)...


The exact ten A. konjac bulbs you will receive... (a few are creating baby bulbs, so if you break those off, you will have more than 10 bulbs)


The exact A. paeoniifolius bulb you will receive... (It made two baby bulbs during the growing season)



CARE: These guys will grow outside during summer. They are seasonal. You need to dig them up after the plant part dies back, remove the roots and store them in a dry place for the winter. If you grow them in a greenhouse, they could skip dormancy. They do get big when they are older, so you can't grow them in a terrarium, but as I said, they will grow well outside in most climate zones. Just plant in the spring and store in the fall. You should keep the soil moist at all times and I think you can allow dry outs for a bit. They aren't too demanding. I grew some in shallow pots that got flooded due to no drainage and they grew well. I also had a few that grew pretty dry and they did well. They will love full sun. I am not an expert on these, I learned most of what I know from reading online and asking questions on a German forum which was challenging to use haha. If you have any really detailed questions, you should look it up online. I only grew them for one growing season. :)

I am looking to get Nepenthes (no other CPs) for these bulbs. VERY INTERESTED IN SPHAGNUM THAT CAN TURN RED AN YELLOW! I WILL ALSO ACCEPT GREEN AS LONG AS IT ISN'T THE SAME STRUCTURE AS THE SPECIES I CURRENTLY HAVE! If you have either Nepenths of live sphagnum moss, please send me a private message and we can discuss a trade!

(If you are only interested in one of the species, let me know and I can see if somebody else is interested in the other species. A. paeoniifolius is more rare than A. konjac and it cost me almost double the 10 konjac bulbs if I recall correctly. I also just realized the "bulbs" are actually called corms but I don't want to go back and change it.)
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Bump! :)
The A. paeoniifolius is spoken for now.
Still accepting offers for the A. konjac bulbs. There are ten total, plus one or two baby tubers to break off! :)
Bump! :awesome:
All corms are spoken for now. Thank you guys!
received my konjac corms today Thanx for the trade