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Tips on flower U. reniformis 'Enfant Terrible'

I have a large Enfant Terrible in an eight inch pot. It's completely colonized the pot since spring '14 and I was hoping it would flower but it hasn't yet. The potting media is a blend of long fiber sphagnum, perlite, and orchid bark. The pot is normally in my grow chamber 6" away from two t5 bulbs. The plant is kept wet by filling up the pot every five days or so. While in the grow chamber the leaves get almost two inches across on four inch petioles. This summer I kept the plant outside in a screen tent hoping either the increased light or temperature differentials would trigger the plant to bloom for me. When I put it outside all the leaves burnt off and it sent up a ton of new ones which developed smaller, tougher, and on shorter petioles. No flowers :(

Any ideas?

U.reniFull by BizarreBotanicals, on Flickr
It's going to need some slight seasonal changes in order to stimulate flowering. Try dropping the photoperiod down for a few months, then raising back up. I've found that mine will often flower in response to simply changing my bulbs in spring.
I can do that, I'll get it out of the chamber and into natural light. Maybe that'll do the trick.
It's going to need some slight seasonal changes in order to stimulate flowering.
I found this to be true. Multiple clones of the the smaller size U. reniformis never flowered for me in the basement - even though I changed the photoperiod in several, step-size increments. Fast forward to an east-facing windowsill - blooms every spring. Although after several years, some of the extremely pot-bound clones are now refusing to flower.

Repot now with a big chunk of the main plant. Stick it on a windowsill & come Mar/April - flowers.