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Thinking of changing photo hosting services. Any suggestions?

I really hate photobucket! :-D

Super ugly UI and it does not feel worth my time anymore. I'll leave most of my photos up there, but I won't be adding any more.

I really want to have more of an online "Gallery" peeps can look thru. Preferably password protected? I know photobucket can do that, but boy is it ugly!!

Anyways, what do y'all use? I'll take any suggestions!


I haven't tried the new interface on Photobucket. Is that what you're displeased with?

Flickr and Picassa are the other most popular image hosting services. I don't know about password protecting folder though.
Imgur has become the Facebook to Photobucket's MySpace. Imgur is the way to go if you want something simple. For something feature-rich I'd go with Flickr. You can't password-protect on either one, but with Imgur links you can configure it so the only people who can stumble onto a particular album are the people who you've shared the link with.
Flickr is adequate in most ways, but they make certain actions difficult. (hotlinking to your own content)
As a WordPress blogger, I find that service to be the best of all for image hosting, because I can hotlink to display elsewhere, and in fact that is how I serve images to TF.
I also use my Apple iCloud stream for certain purposes.

Friends don't let friends use Photobucket. Dreadful UI and limited usefulness. Its possibly the worst one out there.
I really hate photobucket! :-

I really want to have more of an online "Gallery" peeps can look thru. Preferably password protected?


As an iPad user, I have iPhoto for iOS, which has a gallery building feature, that lets me build a photo collage style album online for people to view. I find it easy to use and the result is very appealing to the viewer. Do you use iPhoto on any iOS device? Its actually a fine tool.

Sample web album created with iPhoto for iOS:

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Go for Flickr, really easy and neat.
If you're willing to pay a yearly fee go with either zenfolio or exposuremanager
About 10 years ago I used imageshack..until I discovered they start randomly deleting your photos after about 6 months..
then I switched to photobucket..used them for a few years until I discovered they start randomly deleting your photos after about a year..

the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies very well when using these free photo hosts! ;)
pay nothing..get nothing..

I have a ton of personal/hobby webpages:



and I need a good reliable image host!
(my Ariens snowblower page alone kept using up, and going over the bandwidth limits on the "free" photobucket account!
which would then shut down ALL my photos for a month..)
finally I wised up..gotta pay to get good service.
so I did a bunch of research on hosts, and signed up for smugmug:



best $40 a year I have ever spent..
unlimited uploads, no bandwidth limits..no problems whatsoever in the 2 or 3 years I have now been using them..
If you want to sign up, use my email as a referral and save $5! ;)
scotlawrence at gmail dot com (spell it out correctly with the @ and .com of course)

I like flickr. Easy to organize everything and post pics to the forums.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I don't feel comfortable paying a monthly fee yet (although a time may arrive in the future) and none of the online photo hosting sites are pleasing enough. They just don't work :p.

I think I will be downloading iPhoto for my iPad, that sounds like the best solution.

Thanks again,

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iPhoto won't work, I've tried it. You need an online site.