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Dec 25, 2006
2 yrs ago all of my Cps died off in a terrarium fungus incident of disastrous proportions. I am starting over again, growing my CP's with more light, less humidity and more air movement.

Current growlist

P. gigantea (almost the size of a dinner plate)
P. x tina
P. x titan
P. x john rizzi
P. esseriana
P. moranensis "G"
P. yucca do (ex. ABG, the one that looks like esseriana)
P. planifolia

N. x pisacho (tobaica x talangensis)
N. x medusa
N. truncata x lowii
N. bongso
N. campanulata x pectinata (my favorite nep, very tiny!)
N. truncata x sibuyanensis
N. ampuillaria "cantley's red" (I got it with basals for only $30 w00t)
N. tomomi x tiveyi (residing at chattahoochie nature center GH)
N. bical (huge specimen I've had since I was 8, it lives at chattahoochie nature center GH)
N. ventricosa x maxima (chattahoochie nature center GH)

D. capensis "narrow"
D. ascendens

Other plants:
dozens of haworthias, caudiciforms and other succulents
staghorn fern
mutant crested cabbage in my backyard
Dracunculus vulgaris

I'm about to many Drosera this with my Christmas $$$
I am starting a drosera and pinguicula classic terrarium