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Thanks for the pre-surgery get well gift, surgery is planned for Friday July 6

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An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Hi all. A box from Thez showed up on my doorstep the other day with a gift in it and a get well card signed "your TF family" When I thanked her Thez said that it was from a whole lot more folk than her but she had been chosen to mail it.:bigthumpup:

As most of you know, in July 2010 I had a two level fusion in my lower back with rods and screws inserted. Well one of the fusions never healed and two of the screws are loose.:crazy: The plan was to go in and regraft the nonfused area and then reinforce the screws plus add another rod. Well yesterday, as I moved at work I managed to rupture a disc two levels up from where the work was to be done. So now it will be a more extensive procedure than planned.:0o:

So I will be going in to the hospital either tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning, it's up to my doc, he will decide tomorrow. I will try and keep in touch when I can by phone but am leaving my laptop at home.

So I wil update this when I leave to go there and after that, see you all next week sometime.:wave:
Wishing you the best Chibae!
Good luck! You will be in all our minds!
Good luck my friend, I'll sacrifice a few extra beetles to my purpurea for ya. :)
My best wishes for you on the upcoming procedure(s) . . .
My best wishes to you, that it goes well and you heal well, and that you come out better for it. I myself had two back surgeries this last year, and ended up missing 6 months of work. Horrible year. In any case, good luck.
hope everything works out

surgery can be scary no matter what type.
Good luck, I hope everything goes as planned. :)
Good luck Chibae! Looking forward to hearing about the bionic-person-enhancements once this is taken care of!
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I hope you have full success with your surgery and an easy and complete recovery. Please keep us posted when you can.
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okay peeps, cut time is scheduled for 11:45AM today (July 6) and I shall return to the boards sometime early next week with a few more grafts and implants. hey i gotta find some way to get a good stiff backbone other wise all those sarrs will start bossing me around demanding imported bugs instead of domestic ones. Humm, wonder if japanese beetles would count?
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good luck heal fast, and just give them German roaches
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Good luck today!
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It's over. Five hour surgery than two.and a half hours in recovery to
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It's over. Five hour surgery than two.and a half hours in recovery to

Yay! Congrats. You made it. :)

Hope your recovery from here goes well!!!
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OMG welcome back to the world! All the best for a quick and drama-free full and complete recovery!