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Budgies are best
I got this orchid from the clearance section of Lowes

Can she bring it back? by Thagirion3, on Flickr

I wanted it because I've been looking for a yellow one but was worried how bad of shape it was. It had been dried out in full sun.

Dried and no soil by Thagirion3, on Flickr

No soil. If it didn't make it I thought at least the two pots would be worth the $5 I spent. I was unsure if I could save this one.

Repotted dying orchid by Thagirion3, on Flickr

Cut off the dead roots and repotted into perlite, bark and a top dressing of sphagnum. Cut off the flowers because it needs its energy to recover.

Bagged by Thagirion3, on Flickr

Bagged it up and put it under my lamps. This was a month ago. I slowly started to acclimate it to room temps a few days ago and last night I finally got it out of the bag.

Orchid fixed! by Thagirion3, on Flickr

Here it is now. I'm very happy to see a new leaf coming in. It will be so nice to see it with healthy leaves, but I know I have a long wait for that.
Newest leaf should be fine. All of my lowes rescues, albeit never that bad of condition, the next leaves were fine. Just dont keep it too moist. It will do more harm than good to the roots. Sounds like your on your way to having a nice orchid!
Thanks dsrtfox. I only had it bagged because it was so badly burned and dried out. It's indoors as a house plant now. Humidity averages 50%. That orchid media draims very well so the roots aren't wet. I'm looking forward to new leaves on this one and perhaps finally my yellow flowers next year. Thanks for the tips.