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Super Rad Neoregelia "fireball" pups for trade!!

Hey y'all, feel free to take this down if its in the wrong spot since it is NOT a carnivore. I recently bought a pretty big Neoregelia "fireball". Its an awesome brom that turns bright red in high light (look it up its shweet!). I bought it on friday and it was dark green due to being grown in a orchid greenhouse but it's monday now and its already turning red after being on my sunny porch for a few days. Anyways, its a huge, vigorous specimen and there are tons of pups (offshoots) coming off of the mother plant. Some are very established and others are pretty small. I hear its perfect for a terrarium, and dart frogs love to lay eggs in them. I'd like to spread the love if anyones interested in a small trade. I saw that someone posted a photo of one a while ago and people seemed interested so heres an example of what one looks like:


I have one pup thats rooted and the other ones will be very fast to do so. i was reading that its fine to ship them with no roots and they will become established quickly. I won't cut more off the mother unless anyones interested but heres a picture of Mama:

If your interested but weary to trade until they're rooted I can take some cuttings and let them do their thang first. Also at that point they'll be a deep red color which was the main appeal of this species to me in the first place. Feel free to call me out if any of the info I stated about the species was wrong as I just learned all I know from the internet. Good growing urrbody! :-O
P.S. I ordered a "full grown" fireball online a few days before I discovered this one at a nursery, and it cost me $10. The pups that I would be trading out (unless you want a teeny one for a small viv or something) would be significantly larger than the one I got. I figure the value to me would be a sundew or two or something similar. I'm open to any offers though so just shoot me a PM if your even remotely interested. Thanks Guys and Gals
What type of sundews are you looking for?
Would you be interested in a nice sized Billbergia Nutans / Bromeliad Queen's Tears pup???
Makes a really cool flower...

Also have a lot of other Broms I can offer pups from but NOID

Evil G: At the moment I'm only really looking for cp's. Although I am starting to get into broms and I will probably be down to make that or a similar trade pretty soon. I'm going to see what carnivores I can get for these few pups I have (there are a bunch but I still want a good sized plant for myself) and I'm sure I'll have one maybe even two left over. I'll get back to you in a few days.
Kat: pretty much anything thats not a capensis, alicea, spatulara or capillaris. PM me what you have available and maybe we can make a trade.
When we get throught this weather get back to me and I can help you both out with broms