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Super cool bronze sculptures

I was stuck at the Atlanta Airport between Panama and Michigan yesterday and happened across this wall of awesome bronze Nep sculptures...figured most of the folks on here would appreciate them so I snapped a few pics to share...enjoy!





OMG....I suspect someone from the Atlanta botanical gardens was at work here. :p
wow they are very well done :D love it
Wow, nice!
These are seriously amazing. I wonder if they were cast from actual pitchers, they look like they may have been.
Yeah, I'm sure they made molds of the pitchers in resin and then casted them. My friends do bronze casting and use organic matter just like that. Cool beans! Those are awesome!
I remember that when once I went to a furniture warehouse there was a table with some plastic Phalaenopsis and what looked like a few Nepenthes x ventrata or Nepenthes ventricosa.
Nice! Definitely going to look for those if I'm ever in Atlanta.
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So cool! I made one of these bronze castings from my ventricosa when I took an art class in college. Wish I could've done a bunch of them like this!
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Wow! Do you remember what terminal? I will have a layover next month in that airport!
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I would see these just days after giving a talk on CPs in art...
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Thanks for the directions! I found them no problem.


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Cool, glad it worked out...pretty neat display but I wonder how many folks see them or even know what they are?