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sundew giveaway

i have recently finished little "coffee project" and have no further need for a chunk of my test subjects.

it will consist of 7 wide leaf capes and 5 large breed binata's.....mother plant seems big to me for a binata. i may throw in a few more excess dews of yet to be determined variety...may be rare may be common.....one way to find out.....play and win.

umm have no need to split it up......1 winner here.

guessing game....whats my favorite cp?(not a specific species/cultivar just the general plant family will do)
lowland nepenthes?
LOL I cheated on this and I know, but I won't participate. It is written down somewhere and I remembered where. :p

Nice giveaway, Bobby!
toothy ultra highland nepenthes
just found it, can I change my answer? ;-)
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east to west is tha winner!

hit me up for address info.

thx for playing.
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I knew I should have followed my instincts. :headwall:

Thanks for the chance Bobby.
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np i may have a giveaway or 2 left in me :)........or if u want to trade just hit me up :)

@nep......shoulda taken advantage of your resourcefulness but then again i believe dews aren't really your thing anyway. either way congrats on being observant. if it woulda been a sphagnum giveaway i bet you wouldn't have held back. ;)