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I finally got around to putting organizing a bit and putting together a trade list. Please take a look and EMAIL (ellisonk001 at Hawaii dot rr dot com) me if you would like to work out a swap. USA only.
I am primarily interested in nepenthes, but will consider all reasonable offers.

N singalana X (ventricosa X sibuyanesis) TRADED

N kampotiana x ventricosa
1 x SG my cross

N x outramiana xx splendiana
= [(gracilis x khasiana) x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)] x [(smilesii (or kampotiana) x mirabilis)]
1 x RC from LBG stock (11/14/13)

N ventricosa xx rokko = ventricosa x (thorelii x maxima) - TRADED

N bellii x truncata - Pending
1 x RC, basal, BE-3330 (11/23/2013)

N x margaretea = [[anamensis x ventricosa] or [kampotiana x ventricosa]]
1 x RC from LBG stock (11/14/2013)

N x hachijo = [(mirabilis x thorelii) x mirabilis] - Donated

N sanguinea x truncata - Traded

N maxima x truncata - Traded

N spectabilis x tobaica - Donated

N x gentle = (fusca x maxima) - Traded

N maxima x boschiana - Traded
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N bongso - Traded

N truncata x merrilliana(a) - Traded

N truncata x (sibuyanensis x x trusmadiensis) - Traded

N x prosperity = [(mirabilis x thorelii) x ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))] - Donated

N truncata x mira - Traded

N ventricosa - Pending
1 x RC basal (2/2/13)

N spectabilis x ventricosa - Donted

N x Maggie Jones = (kampotiana x ventricosa)
2 x RC basal from LBG stock, Male (2/2/13)

N veitchii “Bronze” - Traded

N sibuyanensis x maxima - Traded

N x Tiveyi = (maxima x veitchii) - Traded
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N x kohala = (kampotiana x maxima) x (fusca x veitchii)
3 x RC from Leilani Hapu'u stock, Female (1/26/13)

N maxima
1 x RC

I also have a variety of Dyckia for trade if anyone is interested…

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Awesome list of plants. I can only dream of someday having plants like this to trade! Good luck with your trades.
There are some complex hybrids there

Still several nice plants up for grabs....