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Stylidium caespitosum

Well it certainly looks like these plants do in fact have long roots. They're not averse to sitting in water either.

The pot is a 3½" square long tom (5" deep).


While we're here we may as well post some photos of the carnivorous bits too.



The same plant at the end of May.

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Nice flowers!
same here, i grow mine in a 12inches pot, with a lot of roots under.
no 12" wide. A pretty big pot.

Maybe i will have to make divisions, since i have 15+ plants in the clump. Maybe its the reason why i have so much roots under.

I cannot find a pot like your, not very wide but very deep.
Nice plant and flowers !

S. debile and graminifolium also shoot long roots for me.
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There is about to be the explosion of a flower froth.

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A bit of "froth"

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I thought I should post a photo of the S. caespitosum foliage as it is at this time of year. It's not quite as green as the above photos may lead you to believe.

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Oh wow, love that red foliage!

Does it transition back to green eventually?
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Not fully back to the green Dan.
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New growth of the green leaves/crowns.

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I love it! My S. debile doesn't seem to be a fifth as vigorous as my previous clone. Would love to grow more enigmatic australian plants, but not if theyre gonna be this whimpy...