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starting a bog


Hey all, been a long time since posting here. Just wanted to say ive acquired a variety of pitcher plant, VFT and sundew seeds.. Plan on starting a bog. Got a tub i plan to put a plastic sun roof on; going to burn holes in the side so it can breath. Im gonna fill it with sphagnum and top it off with a thing layer of finely chopped coir. Purpose of the coir is to allow the very small seeds to germinate without sinking too deep in the sphagnum. I was thinking of giving the seeds a 2 week soak in a sandwhich bag and damp paper towel in the fridge. Also ive collected rain water for the project. Hope everything works out. Ill post pics when things progress. Thanks ;)
just something to consider: sarracenia dont like coir. they seem to do much better in peat. other than that, things look exciting, looking forward to seeing your progress!
I may use peat then instead. Was just looking for something finely ground because of the seeds being so small. seems to be a general rule whenj woring with small seeds
Put some dried sphag in a food processor and use that instead of peat. I have found that this milled sphag gves you the benefits of sphag with the finer texture.