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Stapeliae winter photoperiod

I'm interested in getting some stapeliae, but I'm not familiar of their care (or even succulent care for that matter!). It mostly seems that during the winter, they are "dormant", although I don't know if it is a true dormancy or if they just slow down their growth. Because of this, I should hold back on watering them, as to not rot them out. However, I don't get a lot of natural light in my house, so I would need to grow them under lights. I have two light fixtures which have room under them, one is on an 8.5 hour photoperiod and the other is on a 15 hour photoperiod. From the minimal information I could find online about their care, it seems like stapeliae do well with a 12 hour photoperiod during the winter. Should I adjust my 15 hour light fixture to be a bit closer to 12? (I can't adjust the other, I adjust it to the season, to grow my tuberous sundew under it and my pygmy drosera to induce gemmae production).

I would love any other basic care information that anyone can provide!
I've never bothered to engineer a specific day length for my Stapeliodes during the winter. They just sit on windowsills waiting for the return of warmth and sun. But you must avoid watering for the most part. If the growths start to shrivel from dedication, you can throw a tablespoon of water now and then, but essentially the plants must stay dry during the winter.
Otherwise, these are the easiest plants to care for. They thrive on neglect.
some photos:

Stapelia gigantea
Huernia zebrina
Orbea dummeri
Stapelia variegata
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Your personal growing conditions and the plants chosen will determine what to do.My Huernia zebrina sits on a rack by my SE exposure glass doors. Its care remains pretty much the same year round. However, my cacti, for example, sitting right on a sill get little to no water once temps get and stay cold.
I suppose I'll have to get one and expirement a bit. It seems they are pretty tolerant.