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Spliting up Orchid flasks, checking interest.

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While planting up way to many Bulbophyllums this evening I got to thinking.

With the forums offering a classified section now I think this would be allowed, if not please let me know so I don't break any rules.

I usually deflask a few species of orchids a year and always end up with 10-20+ plants I end up selling after a few months hardening up. So this got me thinking, would any TF members be interested in a partial hobby flask?

Basically want to check the level of interest, if there is enough interest I'll post a classified next time I'm planning on ordering one.
I'm definitely interested, I usually purchase at least one a year myself.
Hey, I would definitely be interested in that. I've had my eye on some Phrag. flasks, but price was too much...
I'd be interested :)
Sounds like there may be enough interest to do a trial run on the next flasks I get.

I ordered 4 flasks this winter something I usually don't do, some of the rarer ones were actually available so I had to take the chance. Two of them suffered cold damage while in transit the other 2 were just fine.

Sadly one of the damaged flasks was a Phrag. caudatum, I've lost about 1/4th of the seedlings so far and have another 2-3 on there way out, the rest are looking good. Nothing I can do vs the frost :-(.
Awww, that's too bad, that's actually one that I had my eye on too...
I would be interested as well, and I have a couple of flasks in various stages of on the way that I'll post about as well if anyone's interested. A flask of Acineta chrysantha should be here next week, weather permitting.
Looks like I'll be getting an overgrown flask of Den. spectabile next month (mid month), so not a typical flask.

I'll start reading up on how to post this on the forums.

Should be able to do 5 plantlets for $15 shipped or half the flask (10-15 plantlets) for $25 shipped, might be $1-3 more depending on your zip. I'll know more once I get an invoice and everything.
Cool, I would be in for getting/splitting flasks from time to time for sure. Yeah, we should check if this has to be done through the classifieds area or what?
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The flask of Dendrobium spectabile 'CAS' × 'Halcyon' is on its way so if anyone was interested in part of it let me know and I'll post up and a sold listing in the classified section. Due to the weird nature of this sell I can't really post a proper classified so any suggestions on the proper way to do this would be helpful.

So 5 plantlets for $15 shipped or half the flask (10-15 plantlets) for $25 shipped, might be $1-3 more depending on your zip, US only.

I should get them Wed/Thurs this week so this offer expires once I pot them up!