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Some new pics from here and there.....

Decided to get out the camera today, took some new pics:
N. 'Rebecca Soper'

N. (inermis x singalana) x mira

N. alata "Pink"

N. 'Song of Melancholy'

And finally, a couple pitchers on the amp Harlequin

I like the coloration of N. 'Rebecca Soper'! Is it really that purple-grey color in person?
'Rebeca Soper' is the only ventricosa hybrid I've seen where the ventricosa doesn't completely take over. Btw nice plants, I really like the amp!
Thanks! The RS is actually tending more toward maroon to deep cherry, it's just the light from the lamps reflecting off it.
Your (inermis x singalana) x mira looks completely different than mine. But with a complex cross like that what do you expect?
I have a new picture of the ampullaria Harlequin (okay, a couple), as I was moving things around for feeding and pulled him out to look...... didn't realize the plant was this big:

It has 3 main growth points, one vining, and at least 2 of the carpet basals:
That's one happy amp!!
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Quick update for no particular reason: the amp has outgrown its pot and will be moving up, as it is now probably over 4 feet long, with like 8 basals. In other news, here are some new pics of other plants:
(inermis x singalana) x mira

N. 'Rokko' Exotica

the 'Rebecca Soper' recently decided to drop the colorful pitchers and go for the more elegantly shaped uppers. Let's have a comparison


N. copelandii

sanguinea Orange-nectar almost tastes like citrus candy :D and the flavor is really strong

N. 'Gentle'

and last of all, N. graciliflora "Pink"
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Great looking plants!
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nice,i like the uppers on r.soper,look forward to some on mine next year
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Thanks all! Yeah, the Rebecca Soper uppers are rather nice. Not very colorful, but the elegant shape certainly makes up for that.
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Very nice!
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Got some new pics to share:
N. BE sp. 1, new pitcher

and an older pitcher

N. truncata Lowland SG putting on some good size and color

graciliflora "Pink"

The biggest pitcher yet on my clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)

And N. 'Gentle'
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Those plants look great! I love the moss in the N. truncata lowland SG plant! Happy moss- happy Nepenthes! But that picture of N. graciliflora 'Pink'... I realize that the species is closely related to N. alata, but that picture looks *exactly* like the N. alata I use to grow. Do you, or anyone, know the morphological characteristics that differentiate the two?
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The so-called N. "alata" a lot of people grow is graciliflora. I would also bet money the common clone of "x ventrata" is actually a hybrid with graciliflora instead of alata. Some major characters that distinguish the two are: graciliflora lacks a noticeable indumentum on the pitchers and/or leaves, has a more bulbous pitcher bottom and thin neck, also tends to lose the wings while alata will sometimes keep them (if I remember this correctly, I may have that backwards), graciliflora also rarely has much patterning, and it is found on most of the islands in the Philippines while the true alata is currently confined to Luzon and small islands nearby, if that.
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Huh, I read the 2013 paper about it by Creek and Jebb, and you're absolutely right. Funny how that works out. Cool stuff!!
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got some more pics to put up:
N. 'Miranda' lower hiding behind the light cord: this one is pushing 7 1/2", and isn't fully expanded yet, so it may count as my largest pitcher ever!

And an upper framed in the window

One of the better pitchers on my N. ventricosa "red"

A pair of ventricosa x gymnamphora

Lower on N. 'Rokko' Exotica

Most recent pitcher on N. truncata Lowland SG

N. Viking #19 x (maxima x trusmadiensis)

N. talangensis actually seems to be an easy grower, though that happy moss may have something to do with that....

N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)

N. eustachya "red" Bukit Barisan seedlings

'Rebecca Soper' lower

and the oddly colored uppers: I like how they get random dark patches and speckling

Glamour shots of N. graciliflora "Pink," my most elegant pitcher

N. 'Gentle' promises much at maturity

N. copelandii pitchers from 2 separate growth points

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a fine selection of pitchers