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Hi TF - I've got some seed of a few South American Drosera. I've never grow this group before, but plan on doing so in my highland room. Generally their culture seems straight forward and I'm not super concerned about their germination - except...

I've read some strong preferences for media to germinate them on. Not sure what will be best, chopped LFS or a peat sand mix like for other dews. I'd try both to see which one gets better results under my conditions, but I'm a little tight on space (I'm in the middle of meddling in that room), and don't have enough seeds to get definitive results. So, anyone have loads of experience with this group and like to share their thoughts? Thanks!

Oh and if it makes a difference, the species are:
D. kaieteurensis (actually I do have a number of these)
D. montana var. tomentosa
D. camporupestris
D. ascendens
I've germinated D.kaietuerensis, D. tomentosa (formerly D.montana var. tomentosa) and D.latifolia (formerly sold as D.ascendens). All 3 are very easy to germinate on milled lfs or peat/sand. I've seen no difference in either media. Those 3 are also not very picky about temps, don't feel the need to germinate them in HL conditions if space is an issue.
Thanks Cthulhu! Thanks too for the taxonomic correction. Fernando would be ashamed of me! Though in my defense, I've not had much of an interest in this group within the genus. :blush: But now that I have proper HL space, it just seems lonely without dews. :down: