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sarracenia lover
Hello everyone! I love sarracenias and over the last couple of months i've bought, been gifted and traded for several different sarracenia seed. Theyre mostly hybrids because I really like the unique looks of some hybrids. I also tried, for the most part, to pick parents that are colorful because i'm attracted to red pitchers. Thats probably why S purpurea is my favorite sarracenia.

Now, a few things have germinated and I thought i'd share some pics:).

(Moorei redxleucophylla)xflava all red


S flava rubricorporaxS flava ornata


Mixed sarracenia seedlings


S purpurea heterophylla open pollinated


S leucophylla "Purple and White" giant form Route 71 Altha FLA x S flava rubricorpora "Milton FLA"


Sx 'Evendine' x Flava(tall)


S rosea #1(started earlier this year)



S rosea #2



Heres what, hopefully, i'll have growing by spring-

EvendinexFlava Cuprea
S catesbei
S Leah Wilkerson
Evendine OP
Orange Fire OP
S minor
Leucophylla "Purple and White" Giant formxFlava rubricorpora
(Moorei redxLeuco)xFlava all red
Flava rubricorpora apalachicola OP
Purpurea ssp purpurea heterophylla OP
Moorei "Green Tube Red Lid"xFlava var atropurpurea-all red tube
Flava rubrixFlava ornata
purpxleuco OP
Moorei(leuco redxflava rubri)xS 'Black Widow"
Sarrs mixed seed
Alata red/blackxLeahs Child
Likely S rubra complex
Flava(tall)xFlava cuprea
Flava rugelli
Flava tall
Flava big
Exornatax(AlataxFlava maxima)
???xLeahs Child
S palexLeahs Child
Alata red/blackxKilamanjaro

There are most definitely more that i'll list up as they germinate.

I do realize the seeds like Leah Wilkerson wont give me an actual LW. I'll keep this updated as seeds germinate and get bigger:).
Good luck! One day you'll have an absolutely amazing Sarr collection!
Thanks LK and Eric:)!
looks great!! Good luck with the seeds!
Beautiful plants! How long does it typically take for a sarr to start producing adult pitchers? I've been thinking of making my own hybrids, though since I'm a college student and not sure where I'll be in five years' time, having tons of sarr seedlings doesn't really seem possible. :\
Oh hey how big are those Sarracenia Rosea seedlings? They look rather large for plants started this year. O_O?
How long does it typically take for a sarr to start producing adult pitchers?
I'm not positive but i'd say a few years.

how big are those Sarracenia Rosea seedlings?
Not that big. Theyre in a 12 oz cup and have just started going through a growth spurt. The biggest pitcher on plant #2 is probably around 2 1/2 inches at the most.
:0o: Woah. That's actually pretty large for a Sarracenia Purpurea seedling in one year of growth. I gotta get me some seeds then. Did you fertilize it at all?
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Oh wow, your sarra seedlings are so nice :love: I wish I could grow mine so well!
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Thank you thez yo:)!
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Holy germination percentage!

I'm definitely interested in trading some one of those S. leuco "purple and white" x flava var. rubricorpora seedlings once they get larger.