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Sarracenia Refrigerator dormancy?

How do I do sarracenia dormancy in the refrigerator? I don't want to put it outside, because there are a lot of bugs(especially ants and spiders, one of the plants in front of my house got infected with melee bugs) and there are a lot of people who walk their dogs in my neighborhood. Thank you:)
dig them out. cut/peel off old leaves. feel free to wash off excess soil, put in a ziplock bag, and store until weather permits growth, maybe around february in your case?
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Scottychaos had an excellent tutorial on this. All I'd add to what Amph said would be to wrap the roots in some barely damp sphagnum and spray some fungicide. You'll want to make sure that the plants are really "asleep" before you put them in though. Let nature do as much of the work as possible.