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I know it's late in the season, but with the weather beginning to cool off in the Mid-Atlantic US (a great time for shipping, btw), thoughts turn to the greenhouse and ...

Holy excrement, how am I going to fit all of my up-potted Sarracenia and their associated extra divisions inside for the winter?!?

That's where y'all come in. I have a few extra rooted Sarracenia divisions available for trade (or donation to an extremely good cause):

S. rubra gulfensis, anthocyanin free, Santa Rosa Co., FL (multiple): A fast-growing/clumping clone, from Jim Bockowski.

S. rubra gulfensis x psittacina x leucophylla (a few): A natural complex hybrid found in the same site as the gulfensis above, from John Hummer.

S. (purpurea) rosea, Bay Co., FL (2): A large, pink and green pastel-colored, aggressive clone. Would be amazing for hybridization (if I did that sorta thing).

S. x formosa, anthocyanin free (1): An F1 horticultural cross from my friend, Carl Mazur.

S. x popei (flava x rubra wherryi), believed to be a natural hybrid discovered in Baldwin Co., AL.

S. x catesbei x flava, Liberty Co., FL: Pale yellow with a partial red cut throat. Think "Nearly-Headless Nick" From Harry Potter.

S. rubra alabamensis, Chilton Co., AL. This would be a donation, but I would like it to go to a very good home. It is a beautiful clone -- long in cultivation -- from a site now extinct (Thorsby Bog). Acquired from John Hummer many years ago.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping will run approximately $6 for each box sent. Can combine for multiples. US only, please.

Have something I can't live without? Make me an offer. Here's a partial wish list: Cephalotus and Heliamphora clones, Drosophyllum, D. regia, Mexican Pinguicula, Heliamphora, Stylidium, native orchids or other interesting CP complanion plants.

I'm expecting to have a much larger lot of plants to offer in the Spring. These are the divisions I'm absolutely sure right now that I can live without.

You may be asking yourself about now, "how in the heck does he think that trading for plants is going to increase his greenhouse space?" Good question :). I grow Cephs, Helis and Mexican Pings indoors all or most of the year, and for the rest, I'm fooling myself into thinking that plants I receive will be smaller than the plants I give :-)).
PM sent.
I have a P. 'aprhrodite' i could trade.
Don't trade with Goodkoalie unless you don't want any plants for what you send him!
I have native orchids sp. up for trade, pm sent