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Sarracenia has moved from my least fav to my most fav cp.

reasons why:

1. low maintenance; water tray once a day; the end. -however I am in the process of doing a self contained bog container so I'm hoping this will lead to less watering.

2. can be grown outside; well where i live anyway.

3. looks cooler in person; pictures don't do these things justice at all

4. upteen million varieties

5. readily available; it seems these things are the targets of more giveaways than all other cp's combined

6. they are absolute hardy gluttons....one day for the heck of it I decided to spray some diluted 30-10-10 into all of one of their pitchers just to see what happens and a couple days later the thing exploded with growth. I'm talking a 6inch pitcher and a couple 3 inch pitchers overnight!! I would never dream of giving any of my other cp's that much fertilizer.
they still bore the poop oudda me :p
they still bore the poop oudda me :p

good point. they can share the top spot with the dionaea. they can be gluttons too......they say only feed a couple traps at a time. HA! I fed all 6 in mine one day and it went nuts too!
i loveeee feeding my VFTs :D haha