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Sarracenia freak
What I am looking for:

Wilkerson's Red
Wilkerson's Red Rocket
Green Monster
Black Widow
atropurp Kimber Red Ruffles
purp Sorrow
Red Viper
Bud Wilkerson
Bud's Golden Boy
rubricorpora Claret
Leah's Child
Night Sky
Starry Night
Ruby Joyce
Leo Song
Golden-Red Jubilee

What I have that I can divide and trade:

Reptilian Rose
Schnells Ghost
Dons Flava
Appalachian Spring
Triple Rarity
Adrian Slack Imposter
Moorei - Sarracenia Northwest clone
Alata 'Night' F2 - California Carnivores
rubra wherryi Chatom Giant
Sister Sister - Sibling to Tapestry, from Karen Oudean
lueco x umlauftiana
Lynda Butt
Cleopatra's Demise
Ruffled Sparkler
lueco Burgundy
rubra alabamensis
Cobra's Nest
Doreen's Colossus

Darlingtonia - Siskiyou Mnt form
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I'll trade a 'Starry Night' for a 'Blood Moon'.
I bet you would, Graham. ;) (you'd need to up the ante just a little bit)
Brie ! I gave you Schnells Ghost ! How dare you trade off a division that you grew yourself over the last 2 years !
LOL.... nice.. (and actually its one I bought from Mike Wang, not the division you sent me. He sent me a big ol thing and it has like 4-5 growth points on it)...
Contact DroseraBug about Saxapahaw he's the one that registered the cultivar.
Hi guys, just a quick note. Cobra's Nest is a patented cultivar: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-...TXT&s1=Sarracenia&OS=Sarracenia&RS=Sarracenia ...and so it can only be propagated, distributed, etc by the patent holder. Other people have been ordered to stop distributing divisions of this cultivar in the past. Sooo you might want to exclude it from this trade! :)

Who is the patent holder? I think thats pretty ridiculous. I bought mine from a well known nursery who sells this... I dont think giving away/trading a division would be against the patent. You'd think it would just be selling and making money off of it.
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Re: Plant Patents

Brie I explained this to you before in the chatbox. If you didn't listen then you aren't going to listen now. Besides this has been discussed in length on
Terraforums and many other plant forums.

As Presto mentioned and is clearly spelled out on the US Patent Office website plant patents basically give the patent holder the exclusive right to propagate sell and import/export the registered plant. The patent holder may grant a license for others to propagate, sell, import or export the plant. This normally involves fees and royalties. Asexual propagation including divisions is covered in the patent (see the link Presto posted)

A licensed nursery has to undergo periodic inspections for plant patent compliance. If a nursery is propagating patented plants they are doing so legally under license or illegally. If they haven't been caught by the inspectors the inspectors aren't doing their job or the nursery is concealing the fact they are propagating and selling a patented plant. Patent plants should be accompanied with a tag notifying the consumer of the patent and include the Plant Patent number. Patents are easily looked up on the US Patent Office website or other databases. You can probably even find the original application for the patent. Patents are good for 20 years.

Patents are similar to copyrights. If I buy a copy of a book, photograph, movie or song(s) that doesn't give me the right to make copies and give them to my friends. Same thing with patents.
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I have no idea what you are talking about Warden, or why you felt the need to post that. I did not require an explanation from you on this matter. I understand what a patent is and how it works. All I said, was that it is stupid. Saying something is stupid and disagreeing with how it works does not mean I do not understand what it is.
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Well I for one would like to thank you because I consider myself now informed about plant patents, and appreciate the info

and sorry - I do not have the plants you are looking for
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Funny how just a single comment can escalate a conversation and add drama and flair to an otherwise dull thread. (Not saying that this thread is dull.)

And I notice that you already have yourself a Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok'. I did just receive a Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa, but it is not exactly a prizewinning specimen and you can surf over to the Ugly Plants thread to see a picture of it. I doubt you'll want it. Anyhow, best of luck to you finding these plants!
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That might be the most ******** patent I have ever read. The description could be true for many different Sarracenia. Listing both parents and unidentified. Its amazing what people can patent.
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That might be the most ******** patent I have ever read. The description could be true for many different Sarracenia. Listing both parents and unidentified. Its amazing what people can patent.

Agreed. I dont think they even mentioned the flowers. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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Oh yea...they mentioned the flowers.
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A one claim patent-- I am speechless. At that rate, one should be able to mortgage at least a few hundred of those.

Patents are swords. We use them to threaten. However, when it pertains to items of little value, it is often not worth the inventor's time or money to sue the violator.

The patent dies in 2022, if you would like to wait that long.
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...Its amazing what people can patent.

Actually, I believe any genetically modified organism (GMO) can be patented. I had a "rare" purple rose that was a GMO and had a patent. I also saw some patented apple trees in Gurney's catalog.
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