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Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I have these available for trade:

Sarracenia alata green; 1S, 1Lg
S. purpurea x flava ornata; 1Lg
S. rubra x oreophila; Med
S. alata 'black tube' x flava 'red tube'; 1 Lg, 1 Med

Nepenthes x ventrata; up to 1 yard cutting (yes, YARD)

Cirrhopetalum makoyanum; 2 2-bulb divisions
Myrmecophilia (Schomburgkia) tibicinis (HUGE ant plant, Dendrobium-like, 5 foot flower scapes); 1 2-bulb division

Marsilaea drummondii seed pods; 10 pods, 100's of seeds per pod
Mimulus ringens cuttings
M. gutatta cuttings
varigated "cuban oregano"; 1 foot cutting


Wishlist (cuttings & leaf pullings OK, where applicable);
Sarracenia x courtii all red
S. x courtii striped
S. x courtii green
Drosera slackii
D. paradoxa red
D. hugelii
D. echinoblastus
Nepenthes ampullaria (green with red & purple spots)
N. bicalcarata
N. hamata (I can dream)
Utricularia inflata

Genlisea (any)
G. aurea (I can dream)

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I have U. subulata, willing to trade for P. cyclosecta leaves.
i have a small D. multifida 'extrema' that i would trade for a S. 'Bug Pipes
Pinguicula cyclosecta and two 'Bug Pipes" have been spoken for. Plenty more plants to go around!
I've got some alata x purp seedlings that I would be willing to trade for one of the bugpipes if you're interested.
Katie - Do you have a photo of the S. alata 'black tube' x flava 'red tube'; 1 Lg?
Alas, I do not have pictures. Last year, when I got my new camera, the plant sulked miserably from being moved, and just made phyllodia all summer. I know it is quite tall, and reddish to purplish, getting darker at the top. The phyllodia remain green, and make a nice contrast with the purple pitchers (that's why I got it).

Let me do some research, I may be able to ID an old photo I took years ago, it might be of the "donor" plant, taken looong before I got the plants.

I went though the club newsletters and forum, looking for a photo thread of the show I took the picture at. No such luck.
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I have plenty of Aldrovanda I would trade for the S. mitchellliana and S purp x flava.
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katie, what do you have left for the sarrs? are you interested in any of the ones from my post?
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I was very happy with the sarr bugpipes I got from you
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I am glad they arrived safely, and well-loved. :awesome:

The Sarrs are pretty much all spoken for. The orchids are in negotiation, too. This turned out well, thanks everyone!