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heres my list i just ordered
Collect from West Sumatra
- 50+ SEEDS -


Collect from Western Borneo ( Kalimantan )
- 50+ SEEDS -


- N.MIRABILIS ( Common )
- N.RAFFLESIANA ( Common )
- N.AMPULLARIA RED ( Common and Giant Form )
- N.AMPULLARIA GREEN ( Common and Giant Form )
- N.AMPULLARIA HOTLIPS ( Common and Giant Form )
- N.AMPULLARIA SPOTTED ( Common and Giant Form )
- N.GRACILIS ( Common and Giant Form )
any care suggestions?
I'm seriously questioning this collector. N. maxima is from Sulawesi and New Guinea, N. neoguineensis is from New Guinea, N. kampotiana is from Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This guy doesn't know their geography.
Hmmm.... few red flags with this post. My first question would be how exactly these seeds were collected...? If they were collected from the wild without a permit than it is damaging the ecosystem and further threatening these already endangered plants, not to mention illegal. That would be called poaching... I have no knowledge of how exactly these were collected, as I don't know the seller, but if it was illegally than not only could you both face legal ramifications but it is also just morally wrong and very bad for these particular species of plants. My second question would be if you have the required documentation to import seeds (I'd bet they're not from the US). If not, ebay's policy states that the responsibility (or lack thereof..) of importing illegally falls upon the buyer. My third question is why you bought so many seeds if you need advice on how to care for them...? If you buy well over 100 nep seeds of various species, shouldn't you already be fairly familiar with germinating seeds...? Start small and build up on that, right? I certainly hope you have a large greenhouse/growtent because nep seeds require high amounts of light and humidity to sprout. There are many stickies and threads on this forum describing how to germinate nep seeds, I advise you to check them out. I do apologize if you've already gone over all this and stuff, it just jumped out at me a bit.
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To be honest, those seed packs are a big rip off on eBay. 50 seeds isn't that much... It will be hard to get just a couple to germinate IMO. Germinating tons of different species with different requirements together is disaster. Some may need to be cooler to germinate, some may need to be warmer. I can guarantee that some of those seeds are old and won't germinate. I ordered from Albermarelsounds on eBay last year. All of the seeds were supposedly less than a few months old, and still I got 0% germination after months and months.

Also, I highly doubt you will get every species listed. Also, you could get 25 seeds of N. maxima and 2-3 seeds of the rest. There is so much room for them to trick you. How would you know until many years later when you have mature plants if they didn't send a species? Really easy false advertising for the seller.

I'd say just give them the general care conditions that you would give for HL/intermediate in general and LL in general. Don't sow LL and HL together, that won't work out well. I tried different mediums and different potting methods. My suggestion is to spread them between two pots per pack (so 25 per pot) and use FINELY CHOPPED Sphagnum as a medium. It doesn't grow as much algae as peat in my experience. Don't use perlite, it is annoying. Never tried using sand. That's just what worked for me.

Also, the ideal thing to do would be to get seeds from a fellow hobbyist. I have some seeds coming from someone in another country that I may be doing a giveaway with soon, and I also pollinated a Nepenthes flower of mine. If it produces seeds, I may do a giveaway of some of my portion of seeds I get (since 50% goes to the pollen donor)... So stay active on the forum for the next few months. :)
Aside from those geographical and potential ethical "issues" already mentioned, many of those lowland Nepenthes have seed -- especially N. ampullaria -- with a shelf-life which could be measured in terms of weeks.

Caveat emptor . . .

I can't help but think this is just a joke.
Your right it's a joke but actually I have extremely good propagation records for many plants including. Nepenthes through cuttings
crappy joke :p
why do you come here and make a thread like this first thing lol nice introduction :awesome:
Thanks, I have a tendancy for that on reefcentral, but beside the point has anyone bought from nepentheceae on eBay?
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Nepentheceae is one of a few poachers on ebay. Be wary his ads say he will falsify customs forms marking packets of Nepenthes seed as "craft supplies", which in turn makes YOU (the buyer) into a "smuggler". If detected by the post office or Customs, a smuggling charge will gain you many hefty fines in the range of thousands of dollars. Since you're an underage kid it doesn't mean you get off scott-free, it just means your folks will be on the hook for those fines.
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I wouldn't buy anything from ebay unless it was from a well known honest seller, there are PLENTY of places in the US to pick from with many variety's. I wouldn't waste my time buying seed when you can spend more and buy a SEED GROWN plant that you know what it looks like. More expensive but well worth the money.

Lets not go firing on a new member based upon his username, everyone starts somewhere, i agree its a brassy name, but its their choice when they sign up.

I would be very leary of wherever these seeds are coming from as well, lots of good ADVICE in this thread already.
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Thanks, I have a tendancy for that on reefcentral, but beside the point has anyone bought from nepentheceae on eBay?

This eBay merchant is renowned for selling old seeds that have very poor germination rates (ie:zero). Roll up a bunch if dollar bills, walk to the bathroom, stuff the bills into the toilet bowl and flush with a big smile on your face; the results will be the same. Well, except perhaps the part about potential consequences re: smuggling threatened species.
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Is this Falcons?. . . .

Just because you can work with Nepenthes cuttings well doesn't mean you can grow Nepenthes from seed. This requires practice. Besides, most of the seeds you've decided to buy are from very old batches that were released a long time ago. You'll be lucky if you get only a few weak seedlings.
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Thanks, I have a tendancy for that on reefcentral, but beside the point has anyone bought from nepentheceae on eBay?

Reef Central? What is your username on there? I have an account on there and Nano-Reef. Maybe I know you. ???
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i also bought 20 nepenthes jacquelineae from more buyfromthuishop
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i also bought 20 nepenthes jacquelineae from more buyfromthuishop

If you're going to buy seeds on eBay (which you shouldn't) you should buy pods, which will contain around 50 seed each. You'll be lucky to get a few out of 20 seeds with no experience prior if they're fresh. I sowed about 30 N. attenboroughii seeds a few months back and I only got about 6 to live and make carnivorous leaves. They were very fresh.
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i also bought 20 nepenthes jacquelineae from more buyfromthuishop

This is one of the alternate accounts for the same merchant. Not only are you supporting the unregulated harvesting of seeds from threatened species, you are paying someone to make you into a smuggler, while supplying you with seeds that have likely been stored for weeks/months under less than ideal conditions. (Lots of non-viable seeds)

If all you want to do is try your hand at raising Nepenthes from seeds, I can supply you with very fresh hybrid seed at no cost to you, that will result in dozens of healthy seedlings that will be easy to grow. (Unlike demanding species like N. jacquelineae) If you do not have experience growing Nepenthes from seed, then it would be better if you gained experience with non-critical seed donations from a US grower, rather than buying seed of threatened species obtained by questionable methods.
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good on you Paul,i would take Paul up on that if i were you
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I would also agree with take Paul up on the offer, and maybe at least give some time to the thought of the harm you are doing by ordering from said retailer.