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Hey Guys! I don't post very often, but have enjoyed reading what everyone has learned about cps through the forums.
As Dragoness has just demonstrated...sarracenia can be pretty tough. Many other forum members here have also shown off their bogs in areas normally too cold for most cps (which I'd love to hear updates on). So I'm going to throw my hat in the ring and update you guys with a narrative of successes and failures in Des Moines, IA (zone 5). I was unsure of the long term success of an outdoor bog garden (a plastic preformed pond that I sunk into the ground for the past 3 winters), but any doubts I had are now gone after they survived this winter. Winter protection has included a covering of chicken wire (to allow it to breath a little) followed by a pile of mulch or pine needles on top. Here's some pics I took 2-3 weeks ago; they're a little delayed this year.

VFT, D. intermedia, D. filliformis.
Rubra Jonesei x Oreophilia on the left S. Flava var atropurpurea on the right.
D. Binata survived!
Oreo x Flava rugelii - this one's tough, it even survived last winter without any covering, except for some snow on top which melted and froze.

-Successes (pardon any misspellings) :
Scarlet belle, Judith Hindle, Diana's delight, Leucophylla, oreo x flava rugelii, flava var atropurprea, joneseii x oreo, s. minor (not very vigorous right now), flava (coming back weak), d. binata, d. intermedia, d filliformis, d. rotundifolia, VFT (also a little weak).
-Losses included an alata red/black and flava that I left uncovered last year to see of snow cover would be enough, which melted and refroze them. Also d. capensis and d. spathulata - which I expected.