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Protecting flower buds from the cold

Wire Man

Sphagnum Guru
I just received some Sarracenia rhizomes from California, and all of them have flower buds emerging, some already forming the scapes. We're still getting nights below freezing over here, so I'm guessing it's not safe to put them outside without protection. What do you guys recommend I do to protect the buds? I haven't done this before.
As long as night temps don't drop down too far, a simple ad hoc cold frame ought to suffice. If you're willing to improvise, it shouldn't be too onerous a task.
I've found that the buds and scapes are actually quite tollerant of frost. They'll just stop growing in the cold, then grow again when it's warm enough. I can't make you a guarantee, but last spring I didn't lose any flowers to frost, and I had my plants outside by the end of February (by which time they also had started producing flower scapes).

If you want to play it safe though, I would take Pauls advice; or just store them in the fridge until it warms up a bit more.
This is somewhat tangential, but unless the rhizomes were dug up in their entirety with all roots attached, I'd cut off the flower scapes. If the rhizomes are divisions, or root pruned, etc., I (personally) would rather have the plants put their stored energy into pitcher production this season and wait for flowers next year when the plants have the energy to spare.
Just potted them up. The alata var. nigropurpurea with the flowers has a massive, hairy root system! I think it'll be fine staying outside with a bag over it at night, against the side of the house.
I kept mine in the fridge for a few weeks. I just potted them a week ago. They seem to be doing well, but I know it is still colder there than here.
The pots are a little big to go in the fridge. I have a white trash bag covering the alatas.
I jumped the gun and repotted all my temperate plants into a new bog on my deck. All my plants were waking up in the garage and the weather had seemed nice. I checked the "extended forecast" and that looked okay too. Well, the forecast has changed and they are predicting temps down into the teens this week. I was thinking of buying some heavier clear plastic to put over the bog so the plants can get light for a few days while still being protected from the cold. Thoughts?

The bog

S. oreophila

S. "Scarlet Belle"

I may also have a bud on S. rubra.
Covered the planter with two layers of paint drop cloth clear plastic and secured it with bungee cords. Keeping my fingers crossed. We're getting everything from rain, hail, and tornadoes to 6-11 inches of snow in the next 48 hours!
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Goodness. Colorado sounds like a battleground. It sleeted and iced here last week, today was 74 and tomorrow will be 82 degrees.