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Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

I have a few leaves that have sprouted. I have taken them from the bag and put them in a pot with an adult plant. I have put this in a chamber with 90% humidity. Will this harm my adult plant? My home humidity is 35%.

That is what I sprouted the leaves in. Just happens to be the humidity in that chamber while it is under construction. I was worried about dropping the humidity on the sprouts too quick.
That's a reasonable concern. IS it possible to gradually lower the humidity on your sprouts, and when it gets lower, transplant them at that time?
My only spot to put them currently that has good light outside the chamber gets some full sun. That makes bagging them out. I would have to build a shelf in another terrarium that would give me ~ 60% humidity. We will see how this goes. I have more pulling's in the chamber for a second try if these fail. LOL, now that I found a system that works for the temperamental ones.