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Multiple pings in one pot and dormancy?

I am thinking about putting several pings of different types in one pot. How would you deal with one plant going into dormancy? Or is this just a bad idea?
Which species are you talking about specifically? Just try not to keep plants with different requirements together. No warm temperate or temperate species with Mexican pings for example.
That's fine then. Some Mexican species absolutely require dry conditions when they go dormant but none of yours will. Even if one goes succulent while the others are carnivorous they should be ok together.
None of those go dormant; all have the potential to develop winter rosettes, but that is not the same behavior (only dormant Mexican species are the underground bulb-formers). Reducing water overall in winter so that soils remain just barely damp can be enough to allow whatever plants choose to maintain summer growth to do so, but avoid real risks of rotting out plants in winter growth. And if all of them enter succulent growth, let it dry with occasional sprinkling of water.