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Post Pics of you super awesome D. Madagascariensis!

The snails ate the leaves off mine after i few nights of being set outside. I dug them up, layed them down flat and covered with a half inch of chopped up sphagnum.
This is them after recovering for a couple months back in the terrarium :D

Edit: dang i can't edit the title? can someone fix that for me please :)
i guess nobody has a super awesome drosera madagascariensis... ???
I stitched 3 photos together to make this one. Support skewers are about 10 inches (25.4 cm) click thumbnail for larger image then click on the magnifier icon on the lower right (twice - once to open the popup then again to see the original size image)
Drosera madagascarensis Presqu'ile de Masoala, Madagascar

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:-Omy thats a big one,my madagascaensis bush and closer inspection
That is HUGE.. is that a specific variety or what? how are you growing it? Mine have never gotten that big.. I am very envious
Location. The flower stalks make up about 2/3rds the of what you see there. The plants themselves have gotten to twice the length in the photo (2 feet?) but they've always fallen over and grow all twisted and I end up decapitating the plants and starting over. I've decapitated the flowering plants two or three times previously. There are a bunch of seedlings in the pot now.
actually i was talking about corkys plants :-/
Not a Number: I had to click on the first photo to get a large enough image to see what it was. The plant looks very big. 'Gigantic flower stalk.

Corky: Very nice-looking. This species reminds me a lot of D. intermedia.
there are lots of plants in the pot and they are outside at the moment,no fancy data but i find it real easy in the uk,out side in summer and windowsill in winter,this pot seems to have short internodes between leaves compared to other peoples and other pots of the same clone i have grown,i loves em
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These are hardly super-awesome, but I enjoy this thread and wanted to contribute.
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Mine were super awesome then decided to grow to the point of tipping over and became less awesome. Luckily there are some offshoots but they need some growing...barely have gone up yet.
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when mine fall over i cut the stem at/near the base, trim off the dead leaves and plant the whole stem deep into the pot and leave the crown sticking out about an inch or two.. They recover quickly and the tops keep growing like nothing really happened. I think having the extra long stem helps them recover faster after being trimmed
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Wasn't aware they could be replanted that way, nice.
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here's a fresh picture of the pot i posted before. They still aren't huge but they look good
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they look damn fine to me,