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Pinguicula gigantea (The Griffin $6)

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I am a CPaholic...
For your bidding pleasure, 4 Pinguicula Gigantea babies. Shipped bare root packed in moist LFS.

Pic is the actual plant being offered, with the other three being the same size.

Bidding starts at $2
U.S. only please
Buyer pays shipping, estimated $5 with tracking. I do not do PayPal, so for shipping fee I will accept check, money order, or cash through snail mail. If less than $5 for shipping, I will refund balance in with the plants.
Winning bidder to contact me for shipping details through email at dcrawfordus4@yahoo.com, NO PMs please.

I can combine packaging to reduce shipping costs if you win more than one of my auctions.

Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Shipping received and plants shipped today :-D
Not open for further replies.