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*PAID* Utricularia pubescens - atleast a 1" X 1" portion (NancyM $15)

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This terrarium had bugs I believed were aphids many years ago, I have not seen any in years and just last month used the "dry ice" pest method on all of my terrariums so make sure you understand and treat these plants accordingly

1) Opening Bid of $2.
2) Utricularia pubescens - atleast a 1" X 1" portion growing in ADA aquasoil covered in some moss.
3) We are paying for shipping costs.
4) Continental US only.
5) We will not ship to California due to CA restrictions.
6) Feel free to PM me with any questions.

by randallsimpson, on Flickr
NancyM has paid for this item. Please ship at your earliest convenience. Thank you for participating.
All packed up and headed out via USPS to arrive on the 21st, if you do not receive the box on that day please send me a PM so I can send the tracking info.
Please let us know when item has been received.
So WOW! Today was like a CP growers Christmas! Woke up to find this large flat rate USPS priority box on the door step and started thinking how big of a chunk of U. pubescens did he send to me? :-D


Holy crap this just goes to show how generous peeps are here! First I found the U. pubescens; very nice sized chunk!


I kept digging through the packing and this was the next bag I pulled out- U. graminifolia!! Awesome looking green sea of Utric!


Then I spotted something cylinder shapped wrapped in newspaper with a piece of tape that said "label" on it and was thinking, what the heck is under the wrapping. Well I got the surprise of a life time! Especially since I don't own one from this location;


Randall I can't thank you enough and you totally outdid yourself with your generosity! :hail: :hail:
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Auction Closed.
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