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*PAID* Terrarium Plant Box (dr_donut $30)

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1) Opening Bid of $20.
2) Up for auction is an assortment of plants that will remain a secret! Orchids, ferns, violets, utricularias, pinguiculas, emersed aquatics, who knows what will be in there! All growing in terrariums right now. Some I will be able to label, others are lost tags, some I never knew what they where. Just send me a PM with the space you have and I'll try to match it, I can make no guarantees but will try to work with you. I plan to pack safely enough plants to fill a 12" X 12" X 8" USPS box.
3) We are paying for shipping costs.
4) Continental US only.
5) We will not ship to California due to CA restrictions.
6) Feel free to PM me with any questions.
dr_donut has paid for this item. Please go ahead and ship at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your participation.
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All packed up and headed out via USPS to arrive on the 21st, if you do not receive the box on that day please send me a PM so I can send the tracking info.
Please let us know when item has been received.
Please post here when item is received.
Per tracking info "Your item was delivered at the front door or porch at 10:58 am on April 21, 2016"
Auction Closed.
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