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Orchids for my conditions?


Nepenthes newbie
I have been doing my research but I am still confused as to whether or not my growing conditions are okay..
I grow Nepenthes ventricosa by a south-east window..It receives some strong sunlight but only for a few hours (1 - 3 depending on the season or weather). I have two 20-watt T12s (2050 lumens in total) as supplemental lighting..
My nepenthes is a few inches from the light, and although I've only had it for about a month, it puts on a leaf every two weeks (which I assume is typical)

Considering (I think) my nepenthes is doing fine, I was wondering what orchids I should add..Some sites say "(orchid) likes full sun..etc" but I'm not necessarily sure what that means..
I was thinking about either a mini Phalaenopsis or a Paphiopedilum, and if the light allows, Oncidium ("Twinkle" or "Sharry baby" would be nice).

So, to sum it up :
1-3 hours of strong sunlight + 2050 lumens of supplemental lighting
60-75 degrees, with a slight night drop
50% humidity (might work on it)

What do you guys think?
Sorry if this is a stupid question ; I'm very analytical about my plants and the information I found is somewhat vague.
Or any recommended CPs in general?
The orchids you mentioned seem to be very forgiving. Lighting isn't usually a problem, at least for the plants I have. Sometimes they do well under very dense shade of an oak tree during the summer. When I move them indoors in the winter, to a sunny windowsill, they may get a little sunburned but recover quickly. Go for the Oncidium if that is what you want. Sharry baby is pretty adaptable.
Mexican pings do well on windowsills too.
Patience, grasshopper.

From the sound of it, many of the Oncidium types might work for you.
Your humidity might be too low for Miltonopsis though the temps you mentioned should work fairly well for them. The same for some of the Masdivallia and Dracula.

For a list to peruse when you have time, you can look through the content on this site:
Sorry for not responding! Just wanted to thank you guys for answering
Turns out there's a local orchid show next week and I found myself a vendor that sells Oncidium Twinkle..Paphiopedilums are starting to really appeal to me, so I'll probably get one of those as well.

If anybody wants to comment on my conditions, go ahead..I would be glad ; I'm constantly worrying they aren't good enough and all my plants will die.
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