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What is and what should never be
Hey guys. I finally made the time to get some new photos. It's been on the to-do list for awhile. All taken with a vintage Vivitar 28mm f2.8 Close focus Wide angle lens. they were all taken handheld. I think they turned out all right considering. Enjoy!

P. emarginata x cyclosecta

P. gypsicola going dormant

P. laueana x 'Huahuapan' SG

P. 'Huahuapan' x unknown SG

P. agnata x moranensis flower bud

H. heterodoxa x minor

H. folliculata seedling

D. 'Ivan's Paddle'

D. ordensis x petiolaris fuzz

D. ordensis x petiolaris

D. tomentosa

D. slackii

D. roseana

D. cuneifolia Table Mountain SG

D. capensis Albino x D. aliciae

D. camporupestris SG

D. felix SG

N. eymae x (jacquelineae x izumiae)

N. ephippiata

N. x [x splendiana x ((veitchii x maxima) x vetchii)] variant 1

N. x [x splendiana x ((veitchii x maxima) x vetchii)] variant 2

N. muluensis x lowii

Thanks for looking,
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Very nice plants. Love the first pic and the ephippiata :)
Everything is looking great Crystal, I really love the ephippiata and your dews are amazing. I think the heli is h x m? Btw the dew seedlings that you send me a while back are doing well :).
wow i do like your plants , and the pics.aren't too shabby either , thanks for sharing.
if your ever looking to trade a piece of your d. tomentosa or the s slackii id make it worth your while, say some thing nice , though im not sure i have any thing you dont already have LOL.
Whoa, those are all great! :hail:
Looks amazing, thanks for sharing :hail:. How old is that H. folliculata seedling?
That D. ordensis x petiolaris fuzz is the wooliest 'dew I've ever seen pics of. Wow. I also really like your D. tomentosa - it looks like a plant that's been around awhile.
Great set of pics! Thanks for sharing.
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Wow, such a nice collection and nice pics! Loving your D. ordensis x petiolaris.
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nice to see you around more :)
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Thanks for the kind words everyone :D.

That One Guy: Thanks! That's the first time the ephippiata has pitchered in quite awhile. I'm glad I didn't give up on it.

Heli: Thank ya! It's possible the Heli is heter x minor. It could be Foothills too. When I make it down in the basement today I'll check the tag. Glad to hear your seedlings are doing well for you!

uphwiz: Thanks :). I answered your pm. I'm hoping to have some extra D. slackii in the spring.

thez_ya: Thank you very much!! Your Neps are still better :D.

Fish n Plants: Thank you! The seeds were sown on 3/12/12. That was my only germination out of the group of seeds. Here's my Heli seedling thread that is in much need of updating http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...iamphora-Germination&highlight=heli+seedlings

bluemax: I agree, I've never seen such a fuzzy Petiolaris complex dew. I'm loving it. I just hope I can get it through the winter. I rehomed my other Petiolaris Drosera because they couldn't take the cooler temperatures. I'm not sure how long I've had the D. tomentosa. I received it either the spring or summer of this year. I'm surprised to see it flowering.

Kinjie: Thanks! I need to start using the camera more.

divaskid: :)

DJ57: Thank you! Those were the plants that I thought were looking especially nice for once. I'm really loving the D. ordensis x petiolaris too.

Av: I was surprised that one turned out so well. Thanks :). I've been trying to be more active on the forum lately.

Thanks again everyone,
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Great looking plants!
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new pics indeed! quite wonderful!
and your sticky grass! looking forward to seeing those puppies grow! those ones are hard to come by! nice to see someone mass propagating them, even if it is by seed.
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Very nice Crystal! I really like the striped form of the splendiana x (tiveyi x veitchii) I recently got one from mikulas and it is working on inflating a pitcher. I also got one of the eyemae x (jacquelinea x izumiae) the peristome is all red though.
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Thanks Jim!! :D

Jon: I love my sticky grass!! Maybe I'll get some pond scum pics soon. A lot of the weedy ones are in bloom right now. I don't know about mass propagating per se, but I'm trying :blush:. They are slow growing. Eventually I'll be able to take root cuttings, then the mass propagating will really begin. :boogie:

Mason: Thanks! I'm really liking the striped veitchii hybrid as well. I have another, but the picture didn't turn out. It's a dark red striped variant. Yours probably originated from me. Mikulas' jacq hybrids are awesome.
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Wow... what caught my eye the most: D. ordensis x petiolaris.

It's just so... fuzzy. :D I love it!
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Thanks teacake! It's causing me to miss my other Wooly dews. Maybe eventually I can get a terrarium set up for them so I can keep them warm in the winter.

I checked my nameless Heli in the photo yesterday. I forgot to update the post. Luca you were right, it's H. heter x minor :).
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Some flower pictures I took last week. I've been slack on getting them edited.

U. 'Betty's Bay'

U. graminifolia

U. graminifolia again

U. pubescens

U. sandersonii

U. calycifida, I forget what variant

These were taken with a true macro lens: Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG. I should have used a tripod instead of trying to take them handheld.

Thanks for looking,
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Nice-looking utrics. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what they like and I've not had flowers yet. You do make me want to grow U. graminifolia, tho'.